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  1. hcminis

    Looking for RJ models

    I have one with out motor and transmission
  2. hcminis

    Weekend Haul

    Was told by the son of the original dealership owner that arrow sign was given to them from Wheel Horse when they started the dealership.
  3. hcminis

    Weekend Haul

    Got the call to see if I was interested in a few signs. Couldn't get there quick enough. Plus some other parts.
  4. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 701

    Selling this Wheel Horse 701. Tractor is complete and runs. Smokes just a little. Comes with the correct mower deck. Choke cable isn't original and dash hole for it is messed up. There are too many tractors and projects in my garage and need to clear some room. Price is $550.00
  5. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 401 Roller

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. hcminis

    Hl-5 lights

    LOL....Only 1 set on the 701. Most of mine are in need of a clip to keep the lens in bezel. But could be bought fairly cheap.
  7. hcminis

    Wheel Horse D-180

    Wheel Horse D-180. Tractor is in good condition. Seat is NOT included. Have not been able to test it and check motor or transmission. Believe the previous owner may have been in the process of changing out pump. Might have a spare pump to throw in with deal. Front tires do not hold air. Has 3-point hitch. NO PTO. Comes with a 48" solid deck.
  8. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 401 Roller

    Wheel Horse 401 roller. Believe this is a 401 as mentioned. This is a roller. The hood does need a few minor repairs but is straight. Yhe transmission shifts in to all gears and believe to be good. Steering shaft has been removed and ready for restoration. Front rims and tires are not good. Rear rims and tires are in fairly good shape. Does need a few minor parts but good candidate for a restoration. Comes with seat rest bracket but no board or pad. No motor included. Located in Coatesville, Indiana
  9. hcminis

    Wheel Horse for the WIN

    Thanks everyone. Was a fun day
  10. hcminis

    Hl-5 lights

    I have a couple if interested.
  11. hcminis

    Wheel Horse D-250

    Changed Price to 1800
  12. hcminis

    Wheel Horse D-250 w/ ARK 550 Loader

    Changed Price to 2800
  13. hcminis

    Wheel Horse D-160 Parts Tractor

    Changed Price to 150
  14. hcminis

    Wheel Horse D-250 w/ ARK 550 Loader

    partial trade. Not even
  15. hcminis

    Wheel Horse RJ Parst Tractor

    Changed Status to Closed