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  1. hcminis

    D Series Roller or Bad Engine

    I have parts. Not sure what all is left but a lot. No tractors. I'm in Coatesville which is west of Indy airport about 30 minutes. Can come out and see if there is anything you need
  2. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Was very cold this past weekend. Got another round of that white nonsense. Was able to spend some time on the 854. Installed missing battery tray. Put a new belt on pump for loader. Found a throttle clip for the front where it attaches to govenor. Made a new trip rod. New bearing in the front wheels. All steering fixed now and fairly tight.
  3. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Well was time to fix the steering. Soooo....I got tired of working around the loader so it came off for a short while. Needs painted anyway which may not happen til spring.
  4. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Thank you but hopefully have one or two coming.
  5. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Steering fan gear was really sloppy on shaft so removed it last night. Also got the front wheels off and removed bearings or at least what was left. Hope to get those by Monday. Probably gonna take the buckket and loader arms off along with duals. Hard to work around all that.
  6. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Not what I wanted to have happen. Guess I'll need one of these.
  7. Wheel Horse D Series turning brake axle brackets. Aski g $35.00 for the pair. Have another complete bracket with pad bracket. Asking $30.00 for it. No pads Have a pad bracket. Asking $20.00 for it. $18.00 shipping calcuted depending on what is bought. Might all fit in Large Flat Rate Box.
  8. PTO Clutch Disk NOS Raider 12 P/N 6555. It is a little dirty from being in garage but never installed Price is $65.00 plus $10.00 shipping
  9. hcminis

    Wheel Horse Raider 12

    Wheel Horse Raider 12. Tractor does run. Needs battery and tune up. Deck has been modified for some reason. Not sure if it is good or not. Asking $200.00 obo. Located in Coatesville, Indiana Here is a video of it running https://youtu.be/ey8d44SRy1Y
  10. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Here are a couple videos of it working for the first time First video of it running and moving First video of it working
  11. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Was finally able to get the ole girl out for some sunshine. Had a very late night / early morning Saturday night / Sunday morning. Was able to get the loader to work as it should. The pulley seal wasn't even in and just spinning on shaft. Bought a new seal and installed it. Waiting on choke and throttle cables now.
  12. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Well the nice guy at NAPA gave me a big discount on hoses....only $234.00 instead of $325.00. Sure doesn't look like that much but oh well. I now have liftage..... Will need to flush fluid again as it got milky from leftover fluid in valve and pump. Goes up slow. SUPER EXCITED!!!!!
  13. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    More goodies have arrived for the ole nag. Can't wait til NAPA gets done with my hoses.
  14. hcminis

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Worked on the 854 w/ Danco loader more today. New cross member made. Took all hydraulic hoses off and went to NAPA to have new ones made. They didn't have all the fittings and said they would be ready Wednesday. Found a backup pump / reservoir on ebay for a great price. Cleaned the reservoir that is currently on loader. Fixed a few other little details. Slowly making headway. Need a better gas cap along with throttle and choke cables
  15. hcminis

    Large IN dealer auction

    Who bought it? I checked all tractors and there were several with locked motors.