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  1. rwmastel

    Kohler engine parts

    Would that coil be appropriate for my 1999 314-8? What part numbers are on the coil?
  2. Is there and easy and safe way to burn grass clippings? I'm thinking that dumping them on a small fire would smother the fire.
  3. I have a 48" side discharge and I'm thinking, for those times where the lawn has grown tall for whatever reason, I might want to have a rear discharge deck with a mulching kit. That way, the extra long clippings would lay behind the mower and I could tow my 50" lawn sweeper and clean them up as I mow. Is this recommended for tall grass, or even sensible? I know it means lots of trips to the grass dumping spot, but I can't always mow in a pattern where the side discharge always throws to a previously mowed spot. I have to throw into areas where the grass is still tall. Also, is there a mulching kit that can be put on a 48" side discharge deck? Thanks for your thoughts and comments!
  4. rwmastel

    Trac Vac for Wheel Horse

  5. rwmastel

    If you THINK you have mice then you DO have mice

    Wrapping up this thread: I forgot to take a pic before putting it back together. I found a small round nylon brush with a screwdriver handle and that got between fins and stuff. Used some Purple Power degreaser, but didn't spend much time cleaning it up - too much tedious work! So, with a new coil, a new wire and connector attached to the coil, an oil change & oil filter change, a new foam air pre-filter, and a battery charge, it fired right up. Aerated the lawn last night with my "new to me" Agrifab spike aerator and plan to fertilize this weekend. Yea, seat time!
  6. rwmastel

    314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    Yes, with 10.5 wide tires, there might not be room for chains. Hopefully wheel weights, my own fat rear end, and a nice level driveway will work out fine.
  7. rwmastel

    314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    Don't know if this is a special sale, or if they are used/refurbished, or it's a pricing mistake, but Walmart has these Hi Run in my (new) size for a SUPER LOW PRICE!!! I've got two on order. https://www.walmart.com/ip/HI-RUN-23x10-5-12-4-PR-Grass-Master-SU05/39088345 I did buy a single stage snow thrower a few weeks ago. I assumed I'd be buying rear wheel weights and chains, so I better go check my existing "tire-to-anything" clearance and make sure these new wide tires will work with chains. Side question - is there a torque spec for tightening the wheel lug nuts? Thanks!
  8. rwmastel

    314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    Thanks for the ply education, guys! Al - Those 10.5 tires look like a natural fit for those wheels. The old tires must have looked silly skinny. I'll get 4 ply 10.5 wide. We'll see if I get Hi Run or something else.
  9. On my 314-8 I have 23x9.5x12 turf tires, Titan brand I believe. I want to replace them because they're old, have cracking sidewalls, and had some punctures repaired (locust tree thorns). Went to Tractor Supply Co to see what they had on the shelf. I like to see before buying in a store or on-line. Anyway, they had some Hi Run that were the same size, and some that were 23x10.5x12. In this brand, moving from 9.5 to 10.5 wide would get me deeper treads (or taller blocks?) and 4-ply instead of 2-ply. - Will a 1" wider tire fit the same rim OK? - Will 4-ply withstand puncture better than 2 ply? - Why else is 4-ply better (or worse?) - For simple lawn work (mowing, fertilizing, aeration, bagging....), what are important characteristics to look for in a good turf tire?
  10. rwmastel

    If you THINK you have mice then you DO have mice

    Jim, I a tiny little 3 gallon pancake air compressor. I'll give that a shot. Today I did the opposite by putting the shop vac on it wherever the nozzle would get in tight. I'd like to actually clean it while it's apart. Use some de-greaser or something and scrub it with a tooth brush. Bob, I don't think there's enough wire on the ignition coil's connector, so I'll just buy a connector with a length of wire and hope it's the right gauge. Jim, Yes, I'm sure the engine has been running too hot. I'm hoping it didn't shorten the life span significantly. Of course, my spring maintenance includes oil and filter change, so things won't get any worse than they are now. All, So, is there a great on-line parts source you guys all use, or should I trek over to my Toro dealer Monday?
  11. I've had my 314-8 for about a year. Last summer, with the hood up and the engine running, I would occasionally see some grass and fluffy stuff blow out from under the engine covering near the spark plug area. I finally decided to take care of it and took the engine cover off today. It was BAD! I got it cleaned up to the point you see below by just picking stuff off and using a stick to scrape between the air fins. The little pests chewed through the insulation on the spark plug cable, and completely removed a section of a wire that leads into the ignition coil connector. Questions: - I'm going to have to splice in a new length of wire going to the ignition coil. It has white insulation. Anyone know the gauge of that wire? - I've gone to my local Toro dealer for filters and stuff. Is that the best place to go for ignition coil (& plug wire) and more, or is there a great place on-line to order parts? - To finish cleaning the engine (fuel & electrical connections, various metals, plastic, and rubber), what is a good mild cleaning solution?
  12. Found a label on it tonight, it's a model 45-02301 which is an AgriFab 40" spike aerator.
  13. Pete, What does 36/42 mean? 36" auger, 42" opening?
  14. So, I have to update my signature now! On Monday I bought the snow thrower, plow blade, and some generic (black paint) knife aerator for $260. That includes putting them in his truck and driving them back to my house for drop off. Local sale, he was maybe 5 miles away. A mix of rain/snow was forecasted for yesterday and today, so we agreed not to wait on my brother's truck and use his before the weather rolled in. We put them in my garage, and space is tight, but I'll take pics as best I can then share them. Thanks for the help, everybody!
  15. Thanks WHX14. I had several dirt bikes in my youth, so I remember what bad sprockets look like! I'll look for bearing issues. Having the exploded parts view really helps when learning how one of these things works and is put together.