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  1. rlf

    help identifying a 416-8

    Am in Oklahoma for the week. I'll try to post next weekend.
  2. rlf

    help identifying a 416-8

    We are making progress. I am now doubting the PO. The deck is a 1968-71 Cub Cadet with quick attach... I was able to get the cast piece off the shelf from a dealer in Seward, NE. so that part of the unit is operational once I add new blades. Now details of the 416-8. I am more and more thinking this is an 86 or 87 model. There are no identification labels where they should be... The one label that can is present and is only partially readable is on the Kohler single and a Serial Number mostly worn off what I can make out is 16 (or 18) _5411 (Or could be 6411). The engine is 16 hp and Auto Compression Release. The left side engine cowl is a simple banjo shape and the muffler is horizontal. If anyone want specific pictures of the Horse, let me know.
  3. rlf

    help identifying a 416-8

    The top picture by WVHillbilly520 looks to be the same shape deck mine being a bit newer and with quick attach hardware. I will attach pictures of mine tomorrow. The Model tags for both the 416-8 and mower deck are not there. The PO stated the 416 & mower deck were purchased together. There does not appear to be any cobbling to fit the deck to the Horse. The muffler on the 416-8 is horizontal. I did find a faded black with gold lettering electrical system warning label under the hood to the right of the battery (PTO side) but it had no dating (not even a copyright date). I am on the road so unable to access my notes with the partial numbers, I'll be back with those notes tomorrow and will add what I have in a next post. Thanks for everyone's interest and assistance.
  4. I was able to nab a 416-8 with single cylinder Kohler, which as sat for a few years. The PO did not know the year and the machine has no labels except a partial serial number on the engine. That seems to have led me no where. Are there some give-me mechanical aspects I can use to narrow the year of the machine. I'd like to be able to get the correct manual. It did have the heavy steel mower deck (42" wide deck) which I have traced as being made by Cub Cadet but only a Identification Number of 421U111 3. I do need to find a top cast piece to hold the center trundle- its shape is a triangle with three bolt pattern. Unfortunately, Cub is unable to help without more information than that.
  5. Thanks. Looking at the task, it seemed that the Attach-amatics would be just as and stronger than bolts available or weakening the frame with holes. Time to start cutting and welding.
  6. Does anyone know the load capacity of the rear and mid quick attach brackets? I am considering using them to mount a sub-frame on which to attach a front end loader.
  7. rlf

    Tach-a-matic Rod Size

    Any one know the amount of weight the mid and front tachamatics are designed to support? Thinking along the lines of a FEL, Johnny Bucket JR, or similar design project.
  8. rlf

    Tiller Like new!

    I am not particularly good with this site. How do I get hold of you to discuss possible issues related to purchase?