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  1. FatJackDurham

    Curse of the 310-8 continues

    Thanks, I'll check.
  2. FatJackDurham

    Curse of the 310-8 continues

    Maybe. Still drives around and the scraping and squealing occurs whether it's in gear or not.
  3. I finally reassembled the 42" mower deck I have been rebuilding and painting all summer and put it on the 310-8 salvage tractor I also have been working on all summer. The deck was much quieter and the tractor worked decently, if a little under powered. But, halfway through the yard, something went scrack and there arose a scraping sound and the smell of burning belt. Wasn't the deck, the deck was great. It was something that happened when put out the clutch. Either something on the drive belt line or something in the transmission binding the drive pulley. Either way, the 310 is back in the DNR category.
  4. FatJackDurham

    Bug-eye headlights?

    Thanks both. Those motorcycle lights, I should have thought of that. Those would be perfect. Andy, my issue is that with a blower, the existing lights shine right on blower stack. I wanted a wider, lower mounted option to shine around the blower stack. But thanks.
  5. Can someone point me to a decent external headlight that I can attach to my tractors when I have the snow blower on it? I had some bug-eyes on the 314, but one was right in front of the exhaust and melted away. Not sure what the previous owner was thinking. I've see some light bar setups here, but I wondered what you use for the actual external light fixture. I'd rather not fabricate from scratch.
  6. FatJackDurham

    Wheel weights!!!

    I know. I actually feel bad about the weights. I am not a "collector", despite having five ponies. I just want a tractor that does the work. I'm wondering if I should just sell the weights to someone here that really wants a nice complete show pony..... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. FatJackDurham

    Wheel weights!!!

    Score! $200 for a blower, a nice plow and ACTUAL Wheel Horse wheel weights!!!!
  8. FatJackDurham

    k301 black smoke

    Mine was off.
  9. FatJackDurham

    How to remove mower deck pulleys

    Thanks, Dave. I figured they were scarce after searching around. Pricey too. I bought two and two spindles on Ebay.
  10. FatJackDurham

    520H Hydraulic Lift slow to charge

    Okay, thanks for all of the feed back. I am glad its a "normal" behavior. I was afraid it was a sign of needing some kind of rebuild. I'll definitely check the fluids and next servicing, follow your recommendations. In the winter, I'll have the blower right in the garage, right at the door, so I'll be able to let it just slide out into the snow without having to lift it right at the beginning. Hopefully, by the end of the first pass, it will lift.
  11. FatJackDurham

    How to remove mower deck pulleys

    Well, I ended up cutting off the side pulleys. I was able to remove the center pulley with just a little damage to the upper pulley. I think I can tap it back into shape. But, I now need new side pulleys and spindles. Does anyone have any? I have seen sets on Ebay, but I wanted to check here first. I'm going to post a wanted ad in the classifieds if you do have some.
  12. I'm putting this here because I feel hydraulic issues are more transmission related than attachment, since that's where the hydro pump is. On my 520H, after I first start up, the lift doesn't work. I have to push the lever back and forth and drive the tractor back and forth a little to get it to work. I am thinking air is building up and has to be pumped out before the piston works, but that's just my guess. ANyone have ideas?
  13. FatJackDurham

    Hooking snowblower attachment on310-8

    If that one fits on a GT-14, I might be willing to trade a 300-series blower for it, if you can't get it attached.
  14. I got a solid deck with good bearings for $80. I bought it from a repair shop. I tried turning a blade, and it was noisy and binding. I said it must be bad bearings. The guy took it personally and swore the bearings were fine or he'd through the whole mess on the scrap heap. We too the cover off, and it turned out the idler pulling had gone off it's bearing. He pulled a new one out of stock for no charge and wham bam, bobs your uncle, I have a solid deck. Looks rusting on the surface, but solid, no rot.
  15. FatJackDurham

    How to remove mower deck pulleys

    Mine doesn't have any of those indications. I have most of the pullers I need, it's just not budging. I'll cut the first one off, see if I am missing something.