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  1. i made the headlight tunnels myself. the painting will be sanding down till the rust is gone, then i will prime it, then i will paint it in a red that will suit it. the 518-H's paint was like that when i bought it. i had to restore the engine and dials. its a powerful machine and it sounds nice.
  2. a finished project next to a new one! left: 227-5 (being restored) right: 518-h (finished) took of the towball and painted where the trailer will attach. started to sand the bonnet down ready for painting!
  3. on here i will post pictures of my wheel horse 227-5 as it gets restored. i will also answer any questions you have about it. its quite beat up as you can see. more pictures on the way.
  4. thanks i have started with new oil and a new oil filter, a new battery and a good clean. it also runs well. it was quite beat up when i bought it.
  5. does anyone know what the correct paint for a wheel horse 227-5 as i have bought one and it needs restoring. if you could tell me what it is it would be much appreciated. thank you
  6. harvtheman99

    C120 or c121

    Ok thanks
  7. harvtheman99

    C120 or c121

    Whitch one is better. I like them both and I also like the 518h and gt14
  8. my favourite is the wheel horse 518 h