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  1. Did you get the engine mounted?

  2. It’s a 312-8. I think I’m just going to make the mounts with slots to allow translation. Unless one of you has a side fire way to get it right where I need it.
  3. So I’ve got the shaft taken care of. A buddy of mine is machining a sleeve and key. Mounting the motor on or on the other hand... I’ve got it mount with templates I made from wood and I can not for the life of me seem to get the tension on the belt correct. How did you manage to get proper tension?
  4. I picked up the motor a few days ago. Finished the break in and now I’m getting ready to put it on the tractor. However, I’m not sure about the motor mounts and the shaft bushings. What did you use for bushings. Also how did you get the motor to be exactly where it needs to be?
  5. Still running strong? I didn’t get to mine over the winter. 😪
  6. My k301 just died so I’m probably gonna do this as well.