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  1. Hacksawhero123

    Spool valve with float

    Hey Fellas. I’m looking for a Wardco spoolvalve that is similar to the factory valve on a 75 C160 and most other models. I’m looking for a valve that has the float detent. I’ve seen them online but never one for sale. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Best pic I could find. The valve with float detent is the right side of the block it has a longer cup at the back side. Thanks. Mark
  2. Hacksawhero123

    Pulleys for a 42" sd deck

    Fellas, I'm still needing the pulleys if anyone wants to sell them. Thanks. Mark.
  3. Hacksawhero123

    Hubcap clip doo-dads

    I have a trailer supply shop here in town. I would have never thought it could be that easy. Thanks for the help, Gentlemen. Mark
  4. Hacksawhero123

    Pulleys for a 42" sd deck

    Perfect. Please let me know and we can work something out. Thanks. Mark
  5. Hacksawhero123

    Hubcap clip doo-dads

    Greetings all. Does anyone know of a source or have any spare hubcap clips for the steel hubcaps? Thanks Mark
  6. Hacksawhero123

    Pulleys for a 42" sd deck

    Greetings all. I discovered recently that my pulleys are shot on my 42" side discharge deck. I have the 3/4" keyed style. Center pulley appears to be part ##106073 and outer pulleys are #106074. I am in need of all three. I've priced new ones and yeah, pricey. Anyone have a serviceable set they would be willing to part with? Thanks. Mark
  7. Hacksawhero123

    Custom subsoiler

    Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find a valve block with the float detent, I'm looking for one. Thanx! Mark.
  8. Hacksawhero123

    Custom subsoiler

    Mastiffman, the hitch lift uses a duplicate of the deck lift cylinder mounted almost vertical. I stacked an extra spool valve to operate independently. Fabbed up a bracket to mount to the four bolts on top of the axle
  9. Hacksawhero123

    lawn drag

    I was on a job recently for a new golf course. The "pros" were dragging cyclone fencing with a railroad tie tied across the end of it. It worked well. Mark
  10. Hacksawhero123

    Custom subsoiler

    That's pretty similar to the ripper I built. Mine works pretty well
  11. Hacksawhero123

    Belt brands

    Hey Fellas, does anyone have any experience with "Rotary" brand replacement belts. I decided to go the cheap route and order one for the spindle belt on my 42" side discharge deck. Should I order a spare in a different brand? I'm hoping to gain some good input from your experience and treachery. Thanks Fellas. Mark.
  12. Hacksawhero123

    Question for you guys with stacks

    Update. It appears that the reason for the "Smokestack Lightnin" was the timing was waaaay advanced. Also explains the purple ends on my chrome stack. Oops. Anywho, I appreciate greatly the input from you fellas that chimed in. I had made up my mind that the carb was leaned out. You guys kept me from heading off the wrong direction. I regret that I didn't get a smokestack lightnin video for ya. Thanks again, Gentlemen. Mark.
  13. Um. Yeah. The guy on the freeway, that's one of my locals. At least no body was hurt. Way to represent Houston, Dumba-- Mark.
  14. Hacksawhero123

    Question for you guys with stacks

    Mine isn't cored out. I wanted it as quiet as I could get it. The muffler is from a 2015 Road King. Best of all, it was free. I'll try to get a video at night soon. Mark.
  15. Hacksawhero123

    Question for you guys with stacks

    I'm sure that the timing is a bit advanced. I need to pull the shroud to locate and hi light the timing mark. As tall as the stack is, I was surprised to see a flame at the tip. Mark.