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  1. Notfishin

    The Horse has some new shoes

    looks good
  2. Notfishin

    belly weights

    have you pulled it yet with that weigth placement . what weight class you running in ?
  3. Notfishin

    Rear hub making

    This is why i like stopping here and checking things out three times a week . that is pretty nice work !
  4. Notfishin

    Suggestions please.

    I pull 4 wheel horses . only draw back on a wheel horse is having to make everything. Great place to ask for pictures of hitches on face book wheel horse pulling tractors only .
  5. Notfishin

    Suggestions please.

    First do you have a local club . if so you need to go to the pull and talk to the members and look at the different classes that they have to see what class you would like to run . and i bet they have a few tractors to sell .
  6. Notfishin

    Pulling Tire recommendations please

    i have two sets of vogel 23x10.50x12 tires they pull great but both sets are cut . have never tryed them un cut .
  7. Notfishin

    The Herd

    whats That 300 series you got there D.J
  8. Notfishin

    Wheel Horse for the WIN

    Good Job D.J
  9. Notfishin

    Raider 12 Puller

    nice looking set up
  10. Notfishin

    project pud puller build

    Looking Good
  11. Notfishin

    Playing with the 603

    I Think They Look awsome on there
  12. Notfishin


    Looks great
  13. Notfishin


    Dave if your going to pull that in grass cutter class , you have to leave the stock hitch on it !
  14. Notfishin

    Camo A-90

    I seen this for sale yesterday .