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  1. Greg_D

    D-160 AG Tires

    What was the source of the lights? Thanks
  2. Greg_D

    Kohler 181 rod

    Good to hear slammer. I thought the same thing Bob but wondered if it was an original Kohler if I'd be better off keeping it vs an aftermarket rod.
  3. Greg_D

    Kohler 181 rod

    Thanks. I was looking at the kits on eBay and figured if my rod was a good one I would just buy a piston kit.
  4. Greg_D

    Kohler 181 rod

    Thanks. I'm wondering if the rod is good one as well or if I should replace it. That's why I was wondering if it was OEM Kohler.
  5. Greg_D

    Kohler 181 rod

    Restoring a wheel horse 856 and tore down the k181. It has a rod that has the numbers 231785 on it. I can't find info on that number. Is it original or aftermarket and is STD or oversize? Thanks
  6. Greg_D

    520h hitch

    Ok thanks for the info and thanks!
  7. Greg_D

    520h hitch

    Thanks! I will!
  8. Greg_D

    520h hitch

    I'm just wondering what may hook up to it?
  9. Greg_D

    520h hitch

    Just picked up a 520h for 200.00 and was wondering what this hitch is on the back? Thanks!