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  1. D.H.

    Bearing cross over

    Thank you very much. Unfortunately SNOW is a commin! 😢
  2. D.H.

    Bearing cross over

    Is there a brand name Napa could look up easier?
  3. D.H.

    Bearing cross over

    OMG that was fast! Thanks so much for the help.
  4. Can someone please help me find a 1" Id cupped needle bearing cross over #. It has a original part # of 1532. Thanks guys. 1974 D180 transaxle
  5. No I have not, any tips?
  6. Thank you Very much!!!
  7. Hey guys, blew out my bearing plowing snow. Does anyone know the cross # and if it is pressed in from the inside or out? Thank you for any help you can give me. 1974 D180 axle bearing