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  1. ba2988

    Tiller recommendations

    Absolutely nothing wrong with using this with a hydro. I till with mine using a 520h with Matt's foot pedal conversion kit and it performs flawlessly. I have also used tilled with my 314 and that worked well too.
  2. ba2988

    Foot Pedal Kit & Tiller

    I have Matt's kit installed on my 520H and did some tilling about a month or so ago. I did find that there was some slight interference but only when pushing the pedal to go into reverse and all the way down. This wasn't a big deal for me because when I'm tilling I'm not going in reverse often, and when I do I turn off the pto so it really wasn't an issue.
  3. ba2988

    520H Running Again!

    Just wanted to say thanks for this site and especially to SOI and rmaynard - even though I didn't have to ask for them to assist directly, reading through old posts walked me through everything I needed to do. Two weekends ago I went to put the mowing deck on, turned the key and nothing. No dash lights, no clicks or other noises, nada. And it had just ran fine when I moved it into the garage. Did a few quick checks on the battery (ok), ground wire (ok), key switch (nothing), and fuses with the multi-meter (which showed no power at the fuses with the key turned on) then figured I was going to have to dig deeper. Fuse box and wires going into it looked ok at first - later on when I took it off there was some melting in one of the wire locations. A check of the 9 pin connector showed what I think was the main issue, 2 of the wires were burnt out in the sockets. So I ordered a new connector from rmaynard (great transaction) bought fuses and went to work - a few hours later I had things connected back up, and it fired right up. Nothing like that feeling! Thanks again Red Square!! Brice
  4. ba2988

    Front mower

    I have the same front mount carrier and used it for a few years with a 48 inch deck. It worked well - my only complaints would be that you get some blow back of grass clippings in your face especially if there is wind. Also, standard deck wheels will dig into the grass in a sharp turn - I put some larger more rounded wheels on my deck to help limit this issue. The carrier does come with 2 rods with smaller wheels that bolt to the flat bar (nearest to the tractor) but these are essentially useless. What it really needs are 2 additional wheels that are beefy like the 2 swivel casters in the front. Another benefit is that it is much easier to take on and off than the standard belly mount. Brice
  5. ba2988

    520 seat Arm rest

    There are different versions of the arm-rests that were made, in case you are trying to match them to the existing holes in your seat. I know because I bought a set that didn't fit mine.
  6. ba2988

    Wheel Horse w/10HP Diesel Repower

    Can't say for certain what model your tractor started out as but looks like a C 100 series just comparing it to pictures of other tractors in the gallery. There is a fair amount of work/parts needed to get it back to where it can be used with a mower deck or snow blower. PTO - you need the entire manual pto assembly - this is attaches to the shaft coming from the engine next to the drive pulley. Have a look on toro.com and search for parts using the model number 1-0375 or 91-10k802 to get a better idea of what you need. You will need to make sure that the shaft diameter and length matches to whats needed for the pto Mid-hitch assembly - this would be used to attach a mower deck Lift Mechanism - would be needed to raise and lower a deck or blower Other consideration is the throttle set up - looks like you have a foot throttle which is controlling the engine speed. I would think that this would need to be changed as implements like a mower deck and blower need to be run with the engine at a consistent speed. As to where to buy attachments/parts - this is a good site. Ebay and craigslist are also options. You need a lot so it might be best to try and find an inexpensive non-running tractor with the parts you need vs. trying to find them all separately. Good luck and welcome to Redsquare! Brice
  7. Thanks again for all the help - its fully sorted now and works great!
  8. Thanks Martin - you have been a big help. Made some initial adjustments just now and am dying to start it up but that would wake the wife and i don't think she would be very happy! Such a simple fix - but I had avoided messing with the hex nut due to previous issues adjusting another tractor (and just general lack of knowledge about how the hex nut relates to the rod/trunnion ect.) I'm pretty sure that I'll have this thing dialed in by the morning. Thanks again! Brice
  9. Ok - thats making some more sense...I haven't tried to adjust the hex yet.
  10. Ok...here is a video of the brackets under the seat. I have removed the extra spacer (was just fiddling with that to see if it helped). http://www.flickr.com/photos/97170477@N03/11661139263/
  11. Here is a vid... http://www.flickr.com/photos/97170477@N03/11660804384/
  12. Just took it apart to double check the measurements of the hole that I drilled in the cam. I'm exactly 4 1/16th on the long edge but am actually at 8/16 at center (instead of 7/16) on the short edge. Do you think the 1/16 variance is causing the issue? If so...I could elongate the hole or maybe swap from my other tractor and try again. Here is a link to video before I took apart. http://www.flickr.com/photos/97170477@N03/11660804384/
  13. I believe I followed the directions well - measure twice ect (drilled hole with a drill press so it should be very close). I'll work on getting a vid...what would you need to see Matt - want the tractor running or not in the vid? Also, thanks for helping out - I'm sure the issues are with me and/or my tractor and not the kit. Brice
  14. Thought of that as well...I adjusted the rod that goes to the foot pedal to both the longest and shortest to see what the effect would be but didn't notice much difference. I've got good speed in both forward and reverse - probably about the same in both. I'm going to tinker with it some more and see what happens. Starting to think though, that a little grinding on the reverse side of the V notch to round it out would solve this pretty quickly. Really appreciate your thoughts on this!
  15. ba2988

    Wheel Horse 314-8

    My opinion is that you could probably get $1k or a little better for it. But who knows - you have a nice tractor with low hours and the right person would pay more. I have bought a 314 hydro and a 520 hydro in NC and paid $750 for the 314 (which was a 93 model with a little over 500 hours) and $1,200 for the 520 (94 model with 600 hours) both were in excellent condition.