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  1. set screw (dog point) either loose or broken. Take off shifter plate and raise boot and you'll see.
  2. Irv

    Should I be concerned?

    I haven't heard of a lot of problems with the 16 Onan (as there are with the 20 overheating). I'd say if it runs good and seems to be well taken care of and is a decent price, go for it.
  3. Irv

    Loss of power

    Probably the dreaded valve seat come loose on the rear cylinder of that motor.
  4. Good 8-speed with hubs out of a c-160 Must pick up
  5. Irv

    314 no start

    First make sure the fuel shutoff (at the tank) is open. Try it again with the spray and when it gets running keep giving it a shot of spray til it keeps running. This usually works for me if they have sat for a while, especially with gas in the carb.
  6. Irv

    Wiring Harness 106051

    I have one from a c -160, don't know if they are the same or not.
  7. Irv

    Larger Fromt tires

    I have that size on a 312 with 10/23/12 on the rear-no problems
  8. Irv

    The 418 C is alive!

    Good deal on a great tractor. I'm sure you'll have it looking sweet soon.
  9. Irv

    Steering wheel

    Did you ever get a steering wheel?
  10. Irv

    1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Nice work Jon! Keep us posted on your progress.
  11. Irv

    310-8 and a 36" SD deck

    Karl, are you sure it's not a 37" deck? I thought the 36" decks were only on the older horses. Just curious.
  12. Irv

    Wheel 416-8

    Of course you can always offer $200 and maybe get an even better deal!
  13. Irv

    western N.Y. suppliers/ enthusiast

    I'm in Rochester. Sorry, you're a little too late-I recently sold a couple. There are quite a few on craigslist around here but right now seem to be overpriced or junk. Keep looking, something will turn up. Also check the classifieds here. good luck
  14. Irv

    C-160 with a Briggs

    I believe some of the '74s had Teckys in them. Buy it, change the plug, clean the carb and you'll probably be happy with it. It looks pretty well cared for.
  15. Irv

    My WH 1257

    That's a Beauty!!!!!!