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  1. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Picked up the filled tru powers today!! The guys that filled them said he was able to get 12 gallons in each of them, but im guessing he meant 12 gallons total. Breaking it down, they weigh in at about 100 lbs each. Carlisles website says the tire weighs approx 25lbs. If he got 6 gallons in there, the beet juice should weigh about 63 lbs alone. 63 + 25 = 88lbs. 100lbs total minus 88 lbs gives me a 12lb wheel, which sounds about right. In any event, Im happy with the outcome. They charged me 60 bucks out the door, which i thought was reasonable. I had a lucky find last night. The guy i sold my last 312 to put up a pair of ag tires for sale. He put up only one photo. Took one look at it and shot him a message, ILL TAKE EM!!! 16x6.50-8 Carlisle Tru Powers on wheels for 40 bucks!! And he delivered them to my car when i was walking out of work today. Super excited to happen into matching front tires to my new rears. Ill be filling them with windsheild washer fluid that i have on hand once i figure out if the wheels they are on fit my 418. They supposedly came off a Craftsman GT6000. I think the bearing width might be a bit narrow looking at them, so ill likely be swapping them to a set of WH wheels prior to installation. Ill get some more pictures up once i get everything installed. I think ill be running all the rear wheel weights that i have. It will weigh it at about 185lbs on each rear corner. I have a pair of 8" simplicity weights coming my way for the front as well, so it should be quite the tank this winter.
  2. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Oh you were able to get 8 gallons in them?! Awesome! Ill have the tire place fit as much as they can in there. I hope to do so tomorrow and i will report back with pictures of course! On a side note, i picked up another Kohler twin last night. Its a vertical shaft 20 horse magnum from a Scag mower. The owner bought the mower for parts and never tried to start the engine. Its free and came with the remote oil filter goods, so i figured it was well worth the 60 bucks i paid for it. At worst, i just bought myself a parts motor that i can snag the carb, voltage regulator (just replaced mine, ahh!!), tins, coil, etc. from when i need soemthing. Best case is that i rebuild it, convert it to horizontal shaft, and stick it on a well deserving WH. What say you RS?
  3. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    I ordered a new steering tube (the piece that goes below the steering wheel between it and the hood stand) and the previously mentioned flanged bearing. Still need to try and get the steering wheel off. I have read some horror stories, but will give it a shot and report back. I have been wanting Ag tires for the longest time now over the course of many tractors. I felt like this was the first to really deserve them. I poked around and decided on the Carlisle Tru Powers in 23x10.50-12 due to supposedly running the largest in that size and IMO looking the best. I found them for 99 bucks each on Amazon, but since there is an Amazon warehouse in CT, i pay sales tax, so i was looking at 211 delivered. As i was looking around, i got an email from eBay with a coupon for 10% of anything! I had some play money in my paypal, so to ebay i went to see what kind of deals i could find. I found them for 210 for the pair, less 10%, which put me at 190 or so shipped for the pair, no sales tax, and i had them in 2 business days. Awesome!! Here they are sitting next to my new seat. Thanks @peter lena So my plan is to get the rest of the paint off the chrome wheels and get them shining again. I will then be installing the ag's and taking them to a tire shop to be filled with Rim Guard, which is essentially beet juice. 23x10.50's are specified to fit approx 7 gallons of fluid in each, which makes sense, as that is about the amount that it took to fill my last set with windshield washer fluid. Referencing this website: https://countrysidenetwork.com/daily/homesteading/tractors-farm-equipment/ballast-the-tractor-tire-fluids-rundown/, i can assume that WWF is the same weight as water @ 8lbs/gallon, so i was looking at approx 56 lbs in each rear. Per the same website, it states that rim guard/beet juice to be 30% heavier than water, yeilding a weight of approx 73 lbs each. This is confirmed on Rim Guards website. I found a local spot that does it for 2.79/gallon. Comparing that to the general price of windshield washer fluid at 2 bucks/gallon, i would be saving less than 14 bucks. I figure it is worth my time to try the Rim Guard. I hope to get that done and some pictures up on Saturday. I picked up some Cub weights as well (~35lbs each), and plan to bolt those to the INSIDE of the wheel, so i can continue to show off the chrome through the winter.
  4. I would definitely recommend rebuilding/cleaning the carb. Running best at half choke generally means that the main jet is semi-plugged. From your pictures, i can see some orange sealant on the bowl. The rebuild kit is <$10 and its super easy to do on these singles. As said before, i would throw some new fuel line on there with an inline filter at the same time.
  5. AHenry014

    Any issues swapping M12 into 314h?

    Plug and play. I used an m10 in place of the m14 on the 314-H i sold at the end of last winter. So long as the charging system is the same and the black connector plugs right in, youre good to go. The 12 horse will be just fine on there.
  6. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Ahh perfect. Thank you!
  7. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    It steers okay but the upper bushing is shot. Need to remove the upper hood stand and fashion a nicer bearing on there. Shouldn’t be too hard, just need to measure and order something, then suffer through getting the steering wheel off.
  8. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Just ordered one, thank you! 80 bucks shipped to my door. After your comment, i realized how much better it would look with a new seat. And no more wet behind due to saturated foam. Nice!! Next step is to fix up the steering, and shes all done till i get bored and take her down for paint work.
  9. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Also, I used to live in Ledyard (rather, Gales Ferry) on Inchcliffe dr. Nice part of the state.
  10. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Thank you sir! I was just shopping for a new seat so ill certainly look into that one.
  11. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Got it sorted using the Kohler troubleshooting guide found in the m18 service manual. Checked all the wiring in regards to the charging circuit and found it all to be good. Checked the stator and made sure it was producing adequate voltage. I couldnt seem to verify if the voltage regulator was bad or not, but it was the last piece of the puzzle. 14 bucks later and i was in business. I took the downtime opportunity to remove and clean all the tins as well as the cooling fins in the heads. They were caked with grime and dirt. I think the tractor dropped a couple pounds removing it all! As far as the carb kit goes, i got the Walbro one in the mail and it was the only correct kit of the bunch that i purchased. The first was Kohler P/N 25 757 02-S. It list the m18, but the needle and seat were wrong. The second was Kohler P/N 25 757 11-S (actually a Stens kit). This kit came up when searching for M18, but it was not correct. It had one gasket that was right, the one between the 90° piece that fits between the carb body and the air fitler. The needle was one that had a spring on it. Including the spring, it was the same length as the original. I installed it and the engine ran fine, but ended up putting the one in there from the Walbro Kit you guys pointed me to. The Walbro kit was the only one with the correct replacement gasket for between the carb and the intake manifold. Thanks for the help on that one!! I was able to inspect the mower deck and found it to need a lot of attention. I will come back with pictures when the time comes since its quite interested how much material from the spindles is missing! There are a couple cracked here and there and it needs a full set of new wheels. But for now, the tractor is ready for winter work! I am very happy with how it came out. It runs and drives very smoothly.
  12. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Finally got her back on her feet on Saturday. She runs quite well now with the rebuilt carb. Everything works well but I believe I witnessed the moment it stopped charging the battery. I’ll need to check into this the next time I get to pull it into the garage. Anywho, here’s some pics! The part of the “frame” that the front seat mount bracket bolts to was broken on one side and the other side wasn’t too far behind, so I remade my own.
  13. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Ill have more pictures up shortly, but i am in need of help. I cant seem to locate the correct carb rebuild kit for the Walbro that is on there. It ran OK, but with all the work i am doing, i wanted to make sure i got in there and got it cleaned out. The bowl was a little dirty and the needle fell apart when i touched it. I bought this part carb kit: https://www.amazon.com/Kohler-25-757-02-S-Carburetor/dp/B0014CCA0Q but the needle is too large and the seat is not replaceable. i think i might need this kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/KOHLER-CARB-REBUILD-Walbro-M8-M10-M12-M14-M16/140892169040?hash=item20cdd3e350:g:kvEAAOxygo9Q5~OM:rk:4:pf:0 but it does not list the m18 engine. At the end of the day, i think all i need is a bowl gasket and a needle. Does anyone have part numbers for those individually. Might try to pick them up on my way home today.
  14. AHenry014

    418c selinoid question

    Just came across this thread perusing the 418C threads. Turns out, i own this tractor now and purchased it with the same solenoid issue, so im not sure it was ever tinkered with following this thread. For what its worth to future searchers, the solenoid on this tractor was fine. Someone in the tractors past had issues with the neutral safety switch, so essentially bypassed them with some fancy wiring. I found the solenoid to be fine, but the key switch was faulty (really common issue). Key switch replaced and wiring fixed and we are in business.
  15. AHenry014

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    That blower is really cool!! My neighbors would love if i can up and down our private road with one of those!! Nothing too exciting to report on this tractor just yet. I was busy for most of the weekend getting two of my other WH tractors cleaned up and listed for sale. I was able to clear the cost of the 418-C by selling my very nice 312-8 with bagger and plow setup. I bought that tractor from the original owner who happened to be a neighbor of mine. I had the original sales receipt for it at about 3300 dollars in 1991, plus tax! 2600 for the tractor, 400 for the mower deck, and 300 for the bagger setup! Add the sales tax and he paid about 3500 for it. Accounting for inflation, that tractor would have retailed around 6 grand less the plow setup and less tax! I picked up another 312-8 a couple weeks ago for a really great price. It came with a very nice 42" plow, plastic weights, and a pair of chains. Someone installed 8" wheels on it at some point as well. It was one of those finds where i was lucky to see the ad within 40 minutes of it being posted. I tossed around the idea of keeping it around for parts, but it was honestly in too good of shape for that. I put new fuel lines/filter on it, choke cable, and cleaned the carb out. It runs beautifully! I have that one currently listed for sale with the plow setup with some interest so far, just no lookers. As for the 418-C, I removed the 48" mowing deck and was pleased to see overall good condition and newer blades. Ill be removing the deck belt to check, but the spindles turn very smoothly. The deck looks original, but hard to say. Is there anything that makes a commercial deck different than the standard? I removed the plastic wheel weights that it came with and sold them with my nicer 312. I took some cleaner and a rag to one rear wheel and boy does she shine up! After tinkering for a while, this is what it needs/what i will be doing: -Front tie rods are very worn. One was bent, so i tried bending it back, but it snapped. I welded it back together with plans for new ones. -Front tires are worn. I have a spare pair of Carlisle turfs ill be putting on there to match the rears. -Rebuild the carb -Replace the choke cable -Replace the spark plugs -Change the oil -Clean the oil breather/baffle -Replace the ignition switch. I pulled the factory one off there to find loose and rusty terminals. A new one is on the way. -Trace the wiring. There's some interesting things going on with the wiring so i will be reversing all that back to factory. I think someone had issues with the ignition switch and tried to bypass some things. -Steering column bushing/bearing. I will be removing the steering wheel for disassembly to see what needs to be replaced. Ill also work on getting some pictures for you guys.