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  1. Rp.wh


    Very nice cup, very generous thing to do giving back. We are glad to have you!
  2. What a neat piece you have here can't wait to see the progress.. I would like to do one adventually but time seem to not be on my side lately...
  3. This show was a good one and when Jim says there isn't a shortage of wine, food and fun that's no lie...my first time at the show it was sure a good one old buildings,saw Mills, steamers every where probably the most I have seen in a life time the swap meet area was huge!! All and all great weekend!
  4. Rp.wh

    603 foot rest and tires

    Looking for 603 original foot rest and tires
  5. I would agree with this fish was great! And the swisher was fun to play on for sure!!
  6. Rp.wh

    Help—to buy or not to buy

    I also like the looks of a roadmaster i really thought about buying one but its kinda to new to do anything with..you can make a real "sleeper" out of one just go on youtube all kinda of burn outs and donuts for days with these! I like the hood on it ,wheels not so much, 123k isnt bad for a 20 plus year old car. But ill say buy it clark would be a blast they make tons of aftermarket suspension for them to prevent body roll ect. And odviously the lt1 is a Corvette motor could make it haul the mail!
  7. This weekend was a good time at the portage tractor daze. Got to put some names with faces finally @CasualObserver @Lane Ranger i know i am forgetting some that i talked to. Always good to talk with @Shynon ,@prondzy, @wheelhorseman .Was a good time and awesome food from @Achto and @WHX20 the show was big like normal just gets bigger every year. Next year like said in previous posts next year is wheel horse featured start making plans guys just acouple pictures of the lanes pictures just dont cut it
  8. Rp.wh

    Unexpected 603

    Went to the portage show where i met alot of great people this 603 i got for a fair deal yeah its got the original engine the techy i know its not a great motor i herd it all weekend but starts first pull and with the carb tune i gave it when i got home and some bolts where loose on the carb and throttle on carb side was bent to where i couldnt move the throttle linkage but where in business and runs like a top. The patina is what really caught my eye and its my first big round hood nice oil down or what ever you guys think some front orginail tires and correct foot rest and a Chinese back up carb or 2 to be safe and we are good to go!
  9. we where late to the show tonight to set up but here is what i brought with
  10. Rp.wh

    “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    I hate to say it but if i found one cheap enough i think i might have to have one preferably a diesel but they arent cheap looking real good josh i forgot about that one!
  11. haha isnt that a true story!!
  12. Rp.wh

    4th of july plans

    Thank you everyone that has posted here and shared there day it was awesome to see other peoples photos here is what finished my day out some good wisconsin cheese curds and a butterfly potato with sea salt i would have added cheese but it was the ol ladys followed by fire works with the kids again thank you everyone it was a blast!
  13. Can i see some pictures of yours
  14. Rp.wh

    4th of july plans

    My day started out with a nice little breakfest waffled eggs and bacon! Then we headed to the parade in adams friendship first year going to this one it lasted a hour and 15 mins in 94 degree weather the kids where done like josh said they didnt know if rhey even wanted to grab the candy had 4 or 5 floats drench us with water guns and hoses and it didnt help one bit but kids got 2 and a half bags of candy not that they need it now where home eating some grilling food enjoying the AC for awhile later off to some fireworks more pic to come after that