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  1. Rp.wh


    Oh that white gto really is impressive.. I think vinylguy need to make some of them signs for the car guys here hah. I actually have a 1969 original blue Schwinn bike in my basement my dad found it in the dump when I was 7 and he redid it and then we redid it again when I was 13 and has just sat around as a memory now neat bikes..the vintage drag cars are my cup of tea the gassers high front end head up racing can't get much better! I might have to take you up on going next year sounds like a great time and the food looks even better!! Making me hungry off I go to make lunch thank for taking everyone along great post!
  2. Rp.wh


    Looks awesome, might have to change mine over!
  3. Rp.wh

    Chains vs Brains

    Ha wow must have went with a way bigger tread..I don't think you could add links that is one big gap then...that is just me though
  4. Rp.wh

    Chains vs Brains

    Hah nice, how short are they?
  5. Rp.wh

    A proper hello.

    Nothing like an attachment for all activities ha nice tractor!
  6. Rp.wh

    Rat Fink

    Alittle late to the party here but what a great article and well deserved spread for @Achto with all the little detail and awesome craftsmanship he does well done! From first hand seeing it and riding the little machine and see everyone faces lite up with enjoyment is a blast! Well done again Dan
  7. Happy birthday glad to be apart of it and the group !!!!
  8. Rp.wh

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    Hi my name is Ryan, and if I buy another wheel horse this month my wife will kill me. But honey just one more i promise haha I don't know about anyone else here but the thrill of a drive/road trip and talking to the owner of the past history gets me going time and time again..
  9. Looks like a awesome project, really likeing the colors on the seat it's different but looks good! Also with @Achto on can't wait to see it in person at garden tractor dazes
  10. Rp.wh

    General 4.80-8 tires

    Looking for general 4.80-8 tires like what is pictured if you have some and willing to sell send me pictures and price
  11. Rp.wh

    Happy Birthday Elmer Pond.

    it was a great read. And thanks for the enjoyment of this tractors and the group that has came together and the family memories that they will give us. Thanks again and happy birthday Elmer Pond!
  12. Rp.wh

    Latest pick rj35 55 cable steer

    Just got home had to check it out right away for you it still has the snap rings
  13. Rp.wh

    Latest pick rj35 55 cable steer

    I will definitely be there! Hopefully I'll bring them all hah have to beat last year's numbers!
  14. Rp.wh

    Latest pick rj35 55 cable steer

    I think that is the way to go not 100% sure at this time. You might have a helping hand in this if you have some time I thought the same exact thing when you where posting yesterday I need to finish the read on that post on lunch I will look when I get home that's very interesting
  15. Rp.wh

    Hello from North Carolina!

    I like your thinking once you start this hobby of tractor swaping and collecting part it get very hard on the pocket book but great people, great help you have came to the right place!