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  1. Mastiffman

    Any issues swapping M12 into 314h?

    OH that's all. lol They both have the regulator.
  2. Mastiffman

    Any issues swapping M12 into 314h?

    How do I diagnose that? smh
  3. Mastiffman

    Any issues swapping M12 into 314h?

    Same engine type, so should be the same correct? Will I have to switch any of the wiring? Should just be plug and play, no?
  4. Mastiffman

    Any issues swapping M12 into 314h?

    Just wanting to get this hydro running for the winter and wanted to see if there would be issues in wiring swapping the M12 from my 312-8 chassis into my 314h chassis? Similar years.
  5. Mastiffman

    Onan P Series Governor Ball Replacement Procedure.

    Excellent! Good to hear. yeah the red loc-tite should do the trick for the metal spacer. and WOW, snap that sucker right in half, huh? My old one would only start slipping after 25-30 minutes of mid summer mowing/ use. It was still intact. But the inside bore was blackened from spinning. yeah the steel ones are floating around. You just have to watch for them and make the move when you see them. The good thing is that the engine doesn't have to be pulled from the tractor to do the job. Pop all the stuff off right there, switch out the spacers and bang it all back together with a torque wrench and off you go. Really glad that someone is getting use out of this write up.
  6. Mastiffman

    Onan P Series Governor Ball Replacement Procedure.

    My pleasure. Sorry for the mix up. I don't think that it would affect the gasket to the point of not sealing. They only compress to a certain point and it's probably only couple of thousands. worse case scenario I believe that you could use a good hi temp gasket seal/ maker along with the gasket if you catch a leak. Or get a new gasket. I wouldn't worry to much about it at this point. I think that is a great idea! I'm positive that there would be interest. Maybe not a super high demand but deff a small nich. No, it's the spacer that starts to slip on the shaft and that's typically only after the engine heats up enough to allow the spacer to swell a bit and start spinning. I don't know if it would to hit the cam with some rougher grit emery clothe, clean up the spacer with some very fine if needed and then use some extremely high strength and ultra high temp resistant thread locker and let that sit for a couple of days or more to harden before use. Or do the same and use a thin coat of JB weld to do it... Which might be better as it can withstand constant temps of 500*F and a max of 600* for short periods. JB Weld "Extreme heat" can withstand 2400*F.
  7. Mastiffman

    Onan P Series Governor Ball Replacement Procedure.

    You are correct! I did torque them properly and actually typed that in wrong... Thanks for clarifying that. It's appreciated. Andrew C.
  8. Mastiffman

    Onan P-Series Ignition Module Replacement [Photos]

    The key on my tractor was simply a long key with no tab at the end. The spark trigger ring should sit on the crank in a manner in which it will be locked to the correct timing by the flywheel key. There is only one key. If your ring sits too far back then pull it off and see if it is damaged on the inside bore in which maybe it's sitting back against the timing gear cover to much and not locking onto the key. If it looks like its centered properly over the spark trigger sensor module, then check to see if there is damage done to the key way on the inside of the ring. If not then maybe, just maybe the key was replaced from a previous owner because of shear and the replacement key was a bit too short and has moved. I would think that it was one of those three things. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks. I actually was able to order some of the bushings from a local bearing distributor as well as got some from McMaster's and installed them. After install, they were a tiny bit tight afterwards so took a round file to the inside as well as a 3/8" round stock piece with some emery cloth wrapped around it. The center bolt bushings were nice and snug. Thanks for the help as always fellas.
  10. I may have a purchase of a part from someone in Ona, WV. 25545 and was curious if anyone is heading to Southeastern Michigan anytime this week or next from that direction? It's a 4x4 front axle off a tractor that is about 3ft long and weighs about 150-175lbs. Also looking for cheapest method of shipping. Thanks! Andrew
  11. Okay. Thanks. I may have found some on McMaster-Carr. Well see how they fit both applications. Thanks Fellas! Much Appreciated!
  12. Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have a lathe and would like to find premade bronze sleeve bushings or possibly tubing that I can cut to length. I'm looking for 13/16" OD / 5/8" ID with roughly a 3/32" wall. So the ID is a smidgen flexible on that size.
  13. Good Morning Fellas. I have another project but figured that you all would be the best source for this kind of thing... I'm looking for a place to order brass bushing materials that I could order to specified size and cut to varied lengths depending on the application. These would need to be standard sleeve bushings, non-flange style. Although if they had those I might find a use for those as well. Thanks! Andrew
  14. Mastiffman

    1993 WH Red Paint

    I used rustoleum "linen" and that looks like a pretty good rendering of an antique white. I put it on my 90' 520h rims.
  15. Mastiffman

    1993 WH Red Paint

    You can get Rustoleum Regal Red in 1 gallon 2 Part Epoxy as well. 1 Gallon of Color and 1 Gallon of hardener to mix and spray at will. I really like the Regal Red. When you uncover certain parts that have not had any exposure to sun it looks dead on to me.