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  1. RedWheelz

    D-180 for sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. RedWheelz

    D-180 for sale

    This unit starts and runs good, hydros work good. Brand new battery, never used. Front and rear PTO Dual brakes 3 point hitch Hour meter does'nt work. Wasn't working when I got it. Email me for fastest reply
  3. RedWheelz

    The Making of another loader

    Looks very well built!! Do you have plans for this loader ?
  4. RedWheelz

    18 auto D series part out

    How much for the fuel tank?
  5. RedWheelz

    My "new" D-180

    I just got this 74 D-180 for $450. Seems to run good, needs choke lever, pto belt, gas tank is a cobble-job, hydros seem to work. Just wanted to see what you folks thought. What would you pay? Also where can I find a front end loader? They seem hard to come by. Sorry for cut-off pics....I didn't take them!
  6. RedWheelz

    C-121 tiller cable help

    Thanks for the photos, that helps. I was gonna buy the Wheel Horse cable but it was gonna be like $50+ for everything. This is a bit cheaper!
  7. I got a c-121 that I'm putting a tiller on. I need the lift cable for the rock shaft. I figured I could make my own but I need to know how long to make it. Also need to know what size clevis to use on the ends. Thanks
  8. Will a 42" deck, rear discarge ( Model: 05-42RK01) off a C-121 fit a 310-8? Thanks
  9. RedWheelz

    Green Thumb tiller help

    I did see a photo of a Tillsmith that was very similar. Also found a parts list for a Wheeler C-CTR5 and it looks basically the same. http://www.m-and-d.com/pdfs/MTD/CCTR5.pdf Thanks!
  10. RedWheelz

    Green Thumb tiller help

    That doesn't look to be the one.
  11. RedWheelz

    Green Thumb tiller help

    Anybody know where I can find info on this tiller? Manuals, parts list, etc. Has a 5 hp briggs on it but not sure if its the original motor that came on it. Thanks!
  12. RedWheelz

    Wheel Horse 37" Snow thrower

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. This unit is in good condition, not used much. Model- 0637SK01 Paper Manual included $100 Please text or call me, Thanks!!
  14. I got a C-121 and was wondering if a model 06-37SK01 snow blower will fit it? Thanks for any help!!
  15. RedWheelz

    Wheel horse C-105 10hp Kohler

    Changed Status to Closed