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  1. bluelinehiway

    first time snow plow advise

    The opinions I'm hearing are all right on... know your plow site. I plow a 1500 ft gravel drive and once I push the edges, I plow in 3rd high to pitch the snow off to the side. I run about 1.5" off the deck to not push the loose stone into the lawn. Once ya got the drivewaay "nuances" down, the rest is easy.
  2. bluelinehiway

    522xi Plow Fitment

    Got a couple questions for the 522xi experts out there. But first, I'd like to thank WVHillbilly for the suggestion and drawings for the missing plow skids he provided. Fabbed up a set based on his idea and the solution works great! The questions I have concerns mounting the plow A frame and stabilizer bar that attaches to the front Attach-A-Matic. First, I mounted the A frame to an old rear attach-a-matic off my old 1067. The mount went in great and the rear of the A frame mates up great. However, I question if the rear attach-a-matic used in 1967 is the same as required on my 2000 522xi? The entire plow frame seems to sit back more (and less clearance between the moldboard and tractor grill) versus the spacing on my other plow unit 310-8. Subsequently, the plate that bolts to the front of the A frame and guides the vertical stabilizer rod is too far rearward to provide smooth vertical movement as the plow lifts and lowers. I removed the plate and my solution is to fab a new, larger plate to align the rod to the guide. My thought is that the rear attach-a-matic for the 522xi has the horizontal connecting bar further forward thus aligning the front to the vertical stabilizer. Am I going down the right path? The plow angles through all 5 lock pin settings without hitting the front tires (barely) and I'm sure the new larger stabilizing plate will work, just asking if anyone can help answering these questions. As always, I appreciate any responses. Thanks!
  3. Boy you have some really nice tractors.
  4. bluelinehiway

    522xi 48" Skid Kit

    Hey WV Hillbilly! Excellent! Thanks for the pics and specs! Very much appreciated! Tom
  5. bluelinehiway

    522xi 48" Skid Kit

    Just picked up a 48" Snow plow for my 2000 522xi. Cleaning it up to mount this weekend. The plow looks almost identical to the one on my 310-8 (A-frame; plow;) but there are no plow shoes on the bottom of the plow. On my 310-8 the shoes are simple bent iron with a single bolt running through the mold board. Can anyone provide a pic on what part # 92-6840 "Blade Skid" looks like? There are a couple holes on either side that look like a skid slips into these factory holes but a pic (should I have to fabricate a new set of skids) would really help. Thanks in advance. Tom
  6. Finished the last mow of the season yesterday and am looking for a winter project to make this tractor better. One area that I'd like to investigate is a retrofit to the front roller wheels on my 60" deck. I'd like to ask if anyone has modified the front wheels to a caster rather than a "locked" wheel so that when the tractor is turned, the wheels follow the tractor rather than just stay pinned into the wheel mount. Has anyone done this to their deck? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. bluelinehiway

    Looking for 522xi snow plow

    Trying to locate a front snow plow for a 522xi. 48" or 52". The 310-8 needs replaced and I'd like to add the plow on my 522xi. Located near CLE and work transport within reasonable distance. Thanks.
  8. bluelinehiway

    310-8 Starter Replacement

    Thanks for the tips. Bought one off ebay and it seems to work great.
  9. bluelinehiway

    310-8 Starter Replacement

    Have a 1986 310-8 Kohler K241s motor. Spec # 46863 and serial # 1610607383 and I need to replace the starter. Can someone provide the original part number for the starter or a suitable source for a replacement? It's 10 tooth, 7.25" overall length. Having problems finding a replacement that clearly identifies it as a WH OEM replacement. Thanks.
  10. bluelinehiway

    522xi PTO Problems?

    Great advice. Will follow your info. Many thanks.
  11. bluelinehiway

    522xi PTO Problems?

    Have a 1998 522xi Wheel Horse / Toro with the 60" deck. I'm pulling it out of the barn to prepare for mowing. Last year towards the end of the season. once hot, I'd turn off the blades and then, they wouldn't restart unless I let it cool down some. I thought the air gap could be the problem but whe I went to the service manual, it says the PTO is not adjustable and perform a voltage test on the coil. Should I look for anything beside this advice? Thanks.
  12. bluelinehiway

    1067 Voltage Regulator wiring help needed

    Paul: Got 4 terminals on the new VR (identical to original). The one you did not list above is "L" which is wired to the cig lighter and headlamp switch on my 1067. I did not wire that terminal up. The more detailed wiring diagram Garry provided showed the GEN wire connected to the armadature terminal on the SR so that's the way I completed the wiring. The reason I was trying to confirm the wiring is that the first VR and SG I installed (coincidently exactly the same way this new one finished out) worked for about an hour and then smoked out burning back wiring and trashing the new parts. I was able to get new parts from the vendor (after a 6 week back and forth) and from what I see and assume, one or both of the India / China parts failed scorching the system. Funny how Delco/Remy parts lasted almost 50 years and the cheaparse knockoffs probably will last 5. THANKS to all the folks that help with my questions!
  13. bluelinehiway

    1067 Voltage Regulator wiring help needed

    Here is a pic of how the SG and VR was wired prior to removal and replacement. The blue connector was attached to the Bat terminal and led down to the battery; the red connector was wired to the F terminal on the SG; to the left of the VR you can see a short wire that's connected to the terminal on the underside of the VR that is connected to the A terminal of the SG. This is the wire that I'm having questions about as the wiring diagram does not show this wire being connected to the SG from the VR. I have attached the pics that show the inside of the VR and the screw on the bottom. I want to make sure that this is wired correctly. Thanks for the aid and assistance. Tom
  14. All: Recently, I installed a new starter generator and voltage regulator in my 1067 to replace the original Delco parts. I have the wiring diagram for the unit, but I noticed a difference in how the V/R was wired into the tractor. When removing the old V/R, the three connections were as they appear in the wiring diagram, L to the lighter and then to the light switch; B to the battery; and F to the field (F) terminal on the starter generator. This matches the wiring diagram exactly. However, there was a short wire connected to a terminal on the underside of the V/R that connects to the armature (A) terminal on the starter generator that does not show up on the wiring diagram. Should I replace this short wire or is this a ground of some kind? I found some info on the Delco site that the "A" terminal on the V/R needs wired to the "A" on the starter generator. Is this terminal on the bottom of the V/R the "A" terminal that needs to have the wire to the "A" on the SG? I have double checked all my connections up to this point and this is perplexing to me. Wheel Horse 1067 Wiring Diagram.docx
  15. bluelinehiway

    New for Me 522xi 60" mower questions

    Really EXCELLENT Garry!!!!! Much appreciated!!!! WV...spring tension. Thought maybe a rubber stop for the chute could rest on or some type could act as a vibration stop.