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  1. I went to a local sawmill and had him cut White Oak planks for my trailer. They are heavier and harder than treated pine boards but are very resistant to water, abrasion, rot and insects. I treated mine with used motor oil/fuel oil mixture. Most commercial flat bed trailers that have a wood deck are made of white oak.
  2. MoreyToo

    Surburban/RJ Muffler Option

    The price includes shipping to the lower 48 states.
  3. MoreyToo

    Surburban/RJ Muffler Option

    I have two of these NOS mufflers that are the identical diameter and dome shape of my showerhead muffler that I have for my 58RJ. These may help someone who has a showerhead muffler with a rusted out dome that wants to attempt to repair it. The showerhead in the picture is there for reference and is not for sale.
  4. Yes, I left about an 1/8" flange at the bottom which kept it in shape. I then tinned both the top of the tank and the new neck. I used the typical acid plumbing flux and 50/50 solder with a good size soldering iron.
  5. I ended up doing some investigation and found the lid of a PVC primer can is the identical opening that is on my RJ gas tank. I soldered it on and it works perfectly.
  6. ^^^ This is exactly what I am looking for.
  7. MoreyToo

    It's back!

    Throttle lever is missing on one
  8. MoreyToo

    Tecumseh HT55C parts Diagrams

    Thanks for your help!
  9. MoreyToo

    Tecumseh HT55C parts Diagrams

    I have been searching the RS forums for a parts diagram for my HT55C and have been unsuccessful so far. I can see where other members have ask for the same information but I am not sure if they where successful either. I can find a cutaway of the engine but the part #'s were not included in the post. Does anyone know of a source where I can find this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Randy
  10. MoreyToo

    Dealer List

    Here is the Dealer decal from my recently purchased 502.