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    312-8 Engine Mount Bolts

    Hi Guys, I just looked under the right side and sure enough there are two bolts going up to the engine. Boy do I feel stupid. Its tough to get old. Now for the the real stupid part........I guess I didn't need to have my son weld bolts to the outside of the frame in allignment with the overhanging bolt holes on top. DUH Thank you all for your interest and for your help. Ray
  2. ivoryfur2

    312-8 Engine Mount Bolts

    I just registered on this site and am not very computer savy, so please bear with me. I just purchased a 1985 312-8 and found that there are no engine mount bolts on the right side. The inside of the bolt holes in the engine base are almost flush with the outside of the frame. I was told that the engine on this machine was not original and one from an automatic had been installed. This made me think that the engine was not compatable with this frame. However, I have since seen several internet pictures showing other tractors with no right side bolts. Should there be bolts on the right side. Thanks for any info ya'll can provide. This tractor is my worker but I am restoring a RJ 59 which I tol my wife when it is finished we are going to put in the living room. We will see. Ray