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  1. jellyghost

    WTB Rear bracket for snow plow

    I am looking for the rear axle clips used to attach a snow plow. I live in Kansas City. Thank you!
  2. jellyghost

    New Lawn Ranger and learned some lessons

    Great find. Just being nosey, is that a hit and miss engine collection?
  3. jellyghost

    New to tractors . Need advice

    I would be happy to hear everyone's thoughts, but I think a good set of chains is more important than weights.
  4. jellyghost

    New to tractors . Need advice

    For fun, I blade about a half mile of road with a 10hp engine. I just tilt the blade, and it shoves the snow nicely to the side. I have bladed up to 3inches, without the slightest problem. I think an 8hp would be fine unless you get a 10inch snowfall. I don't think NJ usually gets that type of snow. I wouldn't mess with a blower.
  5. jellyghost

    Tire Chain Clasps?

    I have seen these sold, but I can't imagine how they work. My clasps have two sides and they close around the links of chain. How do these work?
  6. jellyghost

    Tire Chain Clasps?

    I may have answered my own question: https://www.tirechain.com/Tire-Chains-Parts.htm I came up with a simple way to make it work, but I don't think it will be as good as my other chains. If anyone has opinions, I would love to hear them.
  7. jellyghost

    Tire Chain Clasps?

    I have a nice pair of tire chains, but they don't have a mechanism for snapping together or staying on the tire. My other pair, has a metal clasp and two rubber straps. How do I find clasps and straps? Thanks!
  8. jellyghost

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    Randy, do you think this is too far gone to fix? I would love a plastic weld fix, but I could imagine trying a sloppy JB weld fix. I don't know what type of patch to use with the JB weld though.
  9. jellyghost

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    I having been pondering the Mclouth too, but I am not too tempted. I thought I saw a $250 WH in KC this week, but it disappeared almost immediately.
  10. jellyghost

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    I would like to take you up on this. I will try to post or send you a picture, and let me know if it is possible. This would be great.
  11. I went to see this Allis Chalmers for $375. I love everything about Wheel Horse, but my grandfather was devoted to Allis Chalmers tractors on his farm. So, I have a soft spot for the name plate. After going to look at this tractor, I passed on it. It just wasn't made quite right. It didn't have the solid simplicity (pun intended) of a Wheel Horse. The seller is a great guy, and he finally offered to deliver it to me for $270 and my nonworking 10hp Kohler motor. So it's in my garage. It has a 1987 16hp cast iron Kohler, and it is the best sounding Kohler I have heard. When did they quit making cast iron Kohlers? it has a makeshift gas tank right now, and he gave me the original gas tank that has a significant split. I can get a picture if necessary. Is there anyway to repair a plastic tank that has more than a hairline crack?
  12. jellyghost

    Tire Size Confusion

    There is a local Auction with a pair of Carlisle 4-ply 24x12x12 tires. It's my understanding the the standard Wheel Horse rim is 12 inches wide and these should fit, but when I look at Carlisle's website: https://www.carlisletirestore.com/trf_mstr.htm It appears to say a 24x12x12 tire needs an 8.5 inch wide rim. If 12 is the mounting diameter, why does it ask for an 8.5 wide rim?
  13. jellyghost

    Dark Blue K-Series

    It's more a blue-green, but I would have called it a "midnight blue" based on Crayola colors. They are definitely not a Ford blue. If it's the factory color, does that mean it was probably sold as just an engine/replacement engine?
  14. jellyghost

    Dark Blue K-Series

    I looked at two dark blue K-series engines today. I don't think they were original to the garden tractors there were on. One was built in 1987, but I can't figure out the date to the other because I can't find the serial number. The tag has the HP = 12, the Model No. = K301S and the Spec. No. = 47688. There doesn't appear to be a tag with the serial number. What does the dark blue color mean? How do I date the 12hp engine without a serial number or how do I find the serial number?
  15. I haven't used a tiller before. Do you have to break the ground with a plow or shovel before tilling? Can a tiller cut right into my grass lawn?