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  1. clemet

    64 854

    After a bunch of time spent working I finally had time to get this one back in the shop and finished up. Now to get a mower deck for it so that I can mow the yard with it next year and see how many people stop and ask about it. Pictures are in no particular order just re-adding the ones lost when photobucket decided to be a pain in the rear.
  2. clemet

    520h followed me home

    Glad to see you got it and that they got it running. My wife is glad it's off Craigslist I am sure since she claims I don't need another.
  3. clemet

    64 854

    Here is the progress from tonight. It's a little filthy, but there is no scoring or obvious wear in the cylinder walls. I will hone it once I get it cleaned up. The only thing I found is my valve spring compressor won't work with this engine so I have to pick up a different one tomorrow, and then I can finish the tear down so that I can get it cleaned. I have all the parts here for the rebuild including new valves, con rod and piston. Ignore the screwdriver that is for me to remember where to reconnect the linkage when I put everything back together.
  4. clemet

    64 854

    It's been a little while since I have posted an update but I have been slowly getting things done after work.
  5. clemet

    Today's haul

    I will get a few better pics of everything tomorrow but yeah the tines look really good. There is still factory paint on the top half of them even.
  6. clemet

    Today's haul

    Honestly that was what made me pick this package up. I will end up fixing up the tractor and selling it more than likely.
  7. clemet

    Today's haul

    Scored a C-141 with 2 mower decks, a tiller and a lawn vac. Tractor runs but smokes so it is in for a rebuild.
  8. clemet

    Today's Project

    I have a ton of pvc in the shop for organizing and storing a bunch of stuff. Didn't even cross my mind. We both put it on the opposite way lol. Amazingly only 2 and that was because i didn't catch the fact that on of the fittings I grabed was the wrong size. I just grabbed it out of the box for the size I needed.
  9. So I got tired of the wife complaining about the lack of TP in the bathroom so I took it upon myself to make something that will help alleviate the issue. She didn't even complain about the fact that it is pipe fittings.
  10. clemet

    64 854

    I got the inside of the transmission cleaned up, and the case cleaned and primed. Then I cleaned up the frame and found the "dreaded" transmission mount cracks. I have seen some of the ways people have fixed it, but decided not to go to the extremes and only used 2x2 14 ga angle to reinforce the corners after grinding and welding the cracks.
  11. clemet

    64 854

    Got the hood as good as I could. It still has some imperfections, but I am happy with the way it came out. I will be adding another coat still. Then I tore it the all the way down so I can start on the frame and transmission in order to work from the bottom up. When I saw the peanut butter come out of the trans and not a lot at that I was worried. Everything is cleaning up good though and I have ordered all the needle bearings and seals so that I can freshen it all up.
  12. clemet


    Welcome to the site and +1 on the decals from redoyourhorse I just used a set on my 417 and am about to order another set for my 864.
  13. clemet


    Looks sweet. Wish I had the parts around to do something similar.
  14. clemet

    64 854

    More work this weekend when I had time. Been a lot of sanding, fill, block, sand more..... When I called it a night tonight I had just added a little glazing putty and will go back to the sanding tomorrow. Hopefully only one more round of sanding to get it all straight.
  15. clemet

    What are the best lubricants?

    I too use Rotella. Although I use straight SAE 30, and have been for years. Started using it in my dirt bikes and quads since it held up better than regular car oil to the long beatings those motors would take so I used the same thought pattern with all my small engines.