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  1. JayB

    52” sickle bar mower

    Any pictures?
  2. JayB

    Sickle bar parts wanted

    In need of the drive unit for a sickle bar model SMS42A or model SMS50. The component that mounts to the frame and picks up the energy from the engine and transfer to the wobble box. I think everyone calls it a mule.
  3. JayB

    Sickle bar

    Can a sickle bar modle SMS50 fit a tractor modle C-160 or a Tach A Matic
  4. JayB

    Sickle Bar mower shafts for sale

    Nick machined one of these for me. Expert job and everything thing fits like a glove. If you have a sickle bar you know this shaft is the weak point. Mine had broke in half and with Nicks work I now have a working unit again. Thank you Nick.
  5. I am need of a 1 &1/4 inch bore size pulley at 2" or 2.5" diameter. Need this to add to 12HP Kohler engine shaft to run my sickle bar. Looking to purchase. Got no response in the wanted classifieds. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. JayB

    Hydro transmition

    Thanks for your replies. The fluid is red and presumed to be trans fluid. Is there any particular brand, type or grade to use? The manual I have does not specify.
  7. I have a hydrostatic tractor model and need to top off the trans fluid. What is the recommended type? Thanks for any feedback
  8. JayB

    Pulley needed

    I have a 12 HP Kohler and would like to replace the manual PTO as a sickle mower drive to using a pulley off the engine shaft. I think the pulley size I need is a 2' or 2.5". Not 100% sure what the shat size is but I think it is 1 & 1/4. Anything available or advise on this? thanks
  9. JayB

    7-1311 Sickel Bar

    Thanks. I had not searched for bushings so if you have info that would be great. I found the bottom seal thru the RepairClinic in Canton Michigan. I look forward to getting the dimensions for the rod.
  10. JayB

    7-1311 Sickel Bar

    Looks like you got a winner. I have a similar unit and the Weld met broke, welded and broke again. I have a second one and another member who is a machinist is about to make a reproduction. Also could you do me a favor and give me the dimensions for the rod used to lift the unit. Interested in the two long length measurements and the angle they are set at. I see the configuration otherwise. That would be helpful in that I do not have that part. thanks if you can just drop a note on email to billygoat5248@aol.com.
  11. JayB

    Alum. Hydro Fan Blade 6108

    Any chance you have the screen shroud for these?
  12. JayB

    Sickle Bar

    I have a sickle bar and the Weld Med part or rather the shaft that basically drives the unit snapped. I had it welded and it broke again. Is there anyone who might have a replacement or provide a suggested contact for one? I have a Red Square Member in my area who might be able to machine a replacement. But in the meantime I would like to purchase one. In the owner manual this is part 2683. Weld met.msg
  13. I have a side mount sickle bar on a 1277 tractor. When I first used it I fit a hidden steel post that stopped the thing dead. Not long after the shaft broke in the wobble box. I have since had that welded and also bought a second unit. So I now have two sickle bars. My question is this. When I get this back into operation is there a need to control the speed of the cutting bar? if so, how is this accomplished as the drive is off the engine. I am hoping that speed was not a part of the original failure. Any suggestion?
  14. JayB

    Sickle Bar mount

    Looking for the Shaft support assembly with pulleys etc. for a side mount sickle bar. I have a complete unit except this part. Can use either the SMS050 or SMS-42-A model units. Can be contacted directly at Billygoat5248@aol.com Thanks
  15. JayB

    Kohler HP rating

    Thanks guys. Very helpful. Next I will post a question on my Sickle bar. I have one complete and one that is about 3/4 complete.