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  1. Hi all, We finally have our C-81 rebuilt.! It's been a long road. Big problem: it won't start. It appears that it is not pumping fuel. My question is: do I need to prime the system in any way? Or is it that my fuel pump is dysfunctional? Or is there something else I am not thinking of? I can see at the fuel filter that gas is not being pulled through. Your help is greatly appreciated. Rustyred
  2. All helpful input. Thanks.
  3. Hi folks, I have rebuilt my 1979 C-81, and with the electrical system not working, I have been advised that the most likely issue is the solenoid being faulty. I want to replace it with a new one. According to the parts manual, the solenoid I need is part number 8658. Does anyone know what part number I need to order if getting this selenoid from Napa? Your assistance is appreciated, Rustyred
  4. Rustyred

    Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    Thanks for the information. Now I should be all set.
  5. Rustyred

    Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    Very, very helpful. Both the pictures and explanation are very clear. So thanks a lot. Is the upper belt guide supposed to hook underneath the belt? Rustyred
  6. Rustyred

    Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    thanks for the pictures! Already very helpful. Jakeshorsetuff: Thanks for your offer of more pictures. I am very interested in how to run both cables run under? or around? the engine... Or should there be brackets holding them somewhere? Then especially the throttle cable - does it have any clips or brackets hold it anywhere? Seriously - I can't really figure it out from the drawing. Any help is appreciated. Maybe a photo from each side including the whole length of the cable? The attached picture shows where we're at currently. Thanks!! Rustyred
  7. Rustyred

    Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    Does anybody have any input on this? It would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the advice.
  9. TWO things. 1. Can anybody give me a picture from each side of C-81 1979 tractor that has the correct cable routing? I am realizing that the previous owner did not have it correct and I am not familiar with where those cables should run and where they should be attached. 2. The parts manual I have shows two belt guides which my tractor does not have. Do I need to have them put on? Again, a picture of them installed correctly would say a million words. It's hard to tell from the parts manual where exactly they should be.(they are circled in picture below.) Your support is very much appreciated! Rustyred 
  10. Here's a question regarding the pulleys on my 1979 C-81. As I assemble my tractor I see that the previous owner had the drive pulley located so close to the engine on the shaft - literally touching - that there is a minor groove left in the engine from the spinning drive wheel. What is the distance I should locate the pulley from the engine and then, how do I ensure that the 3 pulleys are aligned correctly? And should I use thread-locker on the two set screws? Thanks again, Rustyred
  11. Rustyred

    PTO assembly rebuild. Oil? Or grease??

    Alright. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hello again, I am in the process of putting a PTO from my c81 tractor back together. I am just pressing in the two bearings. I am wondering what to lubricate the needle bearing with when it's put back together. Do I use oil or grease? I guess it's simply standard maintenance to pull the PTO apart and lubricate the bearing once in a while as there is no hole for oil or zerk for grease... Your help is appreciated. Rustyred
  13. Rustyred

    K181S Does Flywheel positioning matter?

    Thanks folks. Much appreciated.
  14. Rustyred

    K181S Does Flywheel positioning matter?

    Oh dear - I wrote this wrong. Thanks for the patience. ( it's Thursday) I meant the wire which runs from the ignition coil to the Spark Plug!
  15. Rustyred

    K181S Does Flywheel positioning matter?

    Too true. Thanks. A friend had told me this was something I really had to pay attention to so I thought I'd throw it out there. So thanks. BTW - I am missing the wire that runs from the ignition coil to the battery. See picture below. Any idea where I can acquire one? Thanks.