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  1. Hope the show went well.....the meeting did, we can finally start demolition!
  2. I really wanted to come, but I'm on a comity for rebuilding our vfw wich burned down earlier this year and our first meeting is today......pretty bumed
  3. Abe01

    project Jr.

    ....make sure to read it to the end to hopefully not repeat his mistake !(I was heartbroken for him lol) your both doing a fantastic job. I will add that if you color coat and clear coat aren't the same brand I would make a test piece to be sure they are compatible.
  4. Abe01

    Kohler magnum starter

    Well got it all installed, after taking my dad to the jeep dealership because his brandnew Cherokee hasn't started with out being jumped in the last few days.....on to the good news! The starter works like brand new, even though te motor sat for a while it muscled through the gunk makeing the cylinders sticky and got it spinning no problem! So even if it looks hopless and the magnets are missing chunks take it apart play with it clean it reassemble and hook a battery to it.....don cost anything but time!
  5. Abe01

    Kohler magnum starter

    Ok so I got the new bushing machined I can get the print if you need it. It went together just as I wanted, it was just below a press fit into the motor cap and had a tight slip fit on the armature shaft. Plastic is fun to work with especially if you forget the characteristics of the material and make three parts becaus you can't get the finish right! machining plastic take a little different thought process than metal, it took me three try's to realize that the walls were to thin to suport the cut .....but it's finished assembled an redneck bench tested it has tons more torque so we will see if it turns that beast over in the morning. Oh also I went over the shellac insulation with the liquid tape in the photo, it didn't fill any of the cracks but it did do what I wanted and covered the portion of damaged insulation so that worked out!
  6. Abe01

    RJ-58 Restoration

    I would say it loOKs like the clear wasn't fully cured but it's been what a week since you cleared? That finish just looks like it was worked on soft paint......not second guessing or anything it just blows my mind all that beautiful wor for this. If it were me and I didn't get a good answer from the company, I would probably work the fenders overy with 800 wet for a bit and try to get back down to the color and then respray with 2 coats of color finishing the same way you have been and forgo the clear
  7. Abe01

    Kohler magnum starter

    Yeah he's at that point in his life he is tired of working on stuff. we grew up with out much money but now that he's retired and all his kids have left.....he has the money to suport that kind of attitude lol.
  8. Ok so my dad has an old (non) he said his starter was making funny noises and then locked up and quit. He gave up because it was a junker but I have plans for it to clear that mesquite patch......so the starter HAS to work lol, I took it home he just chuckled and said it's broke you need a new one, I laughed and said I was raised better than to buy something before I even tried to fix it!......ok so here's the skinny, as soon as I got it off I noticed the bushing on the out put side is missing bad sign #1. I take it home and disassemble it, on exterior inspection I find hammer marks (bad sign 2). Open it up and find pieces of the old bushing, and fairly large chunks of magnet(3 strikes!) it also damaged the armature coil......undaunted I pushed through and cleaned it up got all the magnets and carbon out (more than I could imagine) freed up an lubed the bendix and reassembled it. Then I bench tested it with jumper cables, there is life! Considering what the magnets/armature look like it was fairly smooth and quiet even without the bushing. My question is this.....is that bushing available? My current plan is to machine a bushing out of pvdf wich is not preferable but should get the job done.
  9. I was thinking about this, this morning. It's not just how long until each dollar is replaced, my electric bill is around 275 a month......what's the value of having that amount more available to you? That's like getting a $2 raise!
  10. Abe01

    Itchy weed eater

    So here is what I did, I grabbed a can of spray paint from a previous project wich came out awsome! The paint I used was rostoleum hammered copper I had other paints but this paint has primer included and goes on fairly thick. It did cover very well however I forgot how long it takes to harden off. I painted it last night and this morning I put it on the hood of my truck to help cure it, even at 90+ and direct Texas sunlight for 12 hours and it's still fairly soft ( leave a light finger print with firm preasure) also not that it matters for this project the finish came out very Un even. I have used this product a few times before on different materials and never had this problem to this extent. Thought it might be worth mentioning that prep and base material can heavily effect the fish of this paint. Here is the fished product don't mind the mess I was working on that mower got frustrated and decided to put this back together lol......seqouia says hullo, he's going to be in most of my pics lol. ....sorry can't figure oUT how to post them in the correct orientation.
  11. Abe01

    Itchy weed eater

    well I just used a scrub pad and dawn dish soap then I let it die in the sun for a few hours. I figured the dish soap would bresk up the oil and wouldn't absorb into the fiberglass......rinsed really well.
  12. Abe01

    RJ-58 Restoration

    .....that paint does look far superior to any rattle can not just surface finis but depth and how "hard" it looks as well. @Chris G I did go lookin and if you Google tallmans pain't you can find quite a few distributors and the company site.
  13. Abe01

    RJ-58 Restoration

    On the "lubricant" for the hone, on steels I generally use a light oil say 3n1 or any of the light machine oils or even say thinned out 30 weight. On aluminium or non ferrus materials I use a heavier oil like light coating of 30w. with ferris materials they don't tend to build up in the stone as easily so don't require heavy oils I have personally used simple green or similar type solvents. However for nonferrous metals it's preferable to use an oil thick enough to suspend the swarf so it can evacuate the stone and not clog, but not so heavy that it decreases the friction of the stone across the surface. This is just a general rule of thumb there are outlying materials that this won't apply to.......
  14. So I have a sthil weed eater I love it starts every time and I can even put a blade on it and cut brush, blade is a chain saw type tooth and it zips right through 1.5 inch saplings...... But I have left it out in the sun a few to many times, now the fiberglass is deteriorating and is making my arm break out in a rash and feel like it's on fire. I tried wrapping a bandana around my arm.....nothing, no help. So now the plan is to hit it with some scotch bright (green scrubby) and soapy water, allow it to dry ......them spray paint it with in an inch of it's life. Open to any suggestions.
  15. Abe01

    1986 414 suddenly wont start now. HELP!

    If a carb rebuild is not something your comfortable with, put a splash of sea foam in your tank shake the tractor some to mix it up, crank it a few times and then wait about an hour and try again. Repeat trying to start it about once an hour a few times, I have had good luck with this in the past, after I get them started I try to run the whole tank through to help flush the carb.