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  1. Tinys

    88 520h with 42" deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 88 520h with 42" deck. Would love to keep but out of work now and need to sell a few things. We bought it in September locally. New battery and hold down. New deck belt and pto belt. Rebuilt Muel drive and rebuilt spindles on the deck. I purchased all new bearings for the pto but haven't installed. Fuel pump went out on the last cutting of the year. It will fire and run with gravity feed auxiliary tank. Was going to put electric pump on it. Deck and tractor have some rust. Deck has one spot rusted through. Belt guards are missing from deck. Location is in Darlington md. Phone number is 4108084658. Leave a message or text. I will try to get more pictures tomorrow. Thanks
  3. Tinys

    Thank you red square members

    Sooner or later I'll figure out how to flip pictures. Lol
  4. Just wanted to say thank you to all the members that helped us out figuring out what we had. Picked up the 88 520h with 42" deck for 450 a few weeks ago. We did new battery and hold down then rebuilt the Mule drive and new pto belt. Got to deck and we just finished with all new bearings and idler pulley and belt. Cuts great and nice and quiet now. Was a great project for my son and I. I have all new bearings for the pto but we will do that in the coming weeks. Felt a little loose so we see what we can find.
  5. Tinys

    #9714 Belt

    I just Googled it.
  6. Tinys

    Spindle bearing question

    I have the 3/4 but need the 17mm. Never knew that the same number could have 2 different sizes. The older I'm getting the harder it is too see those numbers. Lol
  7. 05 42ms05 deck Took spindles apart tonight to replace bearings and I had 6203rc bearings. Correct od and width but id is 3/4". Shaft is smaller like 5/8. What bearing do I need? Of course only found out after pulling seals and building first spindle. Oh well more practice for my son and I. Lol
  8. Tinys

    Need help to identify deck

    Thank you all for the help. I'll get more time this weekend to work on it again. Hopefully I'llhave the correct parts then.lol Other than being the file God how were you able to figure that out? My hats off to you.
  9. Need some help identifying my deck model number. It's on an 88 520h. Was told it's a 48 but ordering some parts today and found out its a 42. Should've pulled the tape earlier. 05 48sc01 is what I was told but that's wrong. Has 2 belt covers the blade drive belt is 85" and the idler pulley is 3.75 " outside diameter. The belt for the 48 was 89" I think. Too long so we measured the old one at the parts counter and got 85. The new idler pulley for the 48 is 3.25". I'll go out in a few and get some pics of the deck. Thanks Tom
  10. Tinys

    New member from MD.

    Only picture on my phone right now of the 520. I'll get some more tomorrow. Second one is of him finishing up the stator 2 weeks ago on the 25 Briggs & Stratton in the craftsman. Trying to pass down my knowledge to him well I still remember some of the things I've learned. Lol Any day wrenching with him is a good day.
  11. Tinys

    New member from MD.

    New member from Darlington md. We just picked up a 1988 520h with 48 side discharge deck. This is a project for my son and I. Learned a lot in the last week. Lol. We got her running and properly mounted a new battery and new bearings in the Mule drive along with new pto belt. Heat got the best of us today and we are taking it easy the rest of the day. Deck is a little noisy so we will work on that next weekend.