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  1. Dball

    Fuse block question

    Their is a fella on this forum who sells a pre wired fuse block that is the same as u want to eliminate just figured i would tell u incase u would want to go that route in which i did they have pig tails on them and all the proper gear to cut the old out and wire the new in
  2. Dball

    520 battery draining

    What do u guys suggest for fuse size for the direct wire i have coming from the center pole on the rectifier to the battery?its not powering anything else other thenn the charging of the battery.
  3. Dball

    520 battery draining

    I do blv i fixed it i ran a direct hot wire to the battery then to the center pole on the rectifier volts was 14 just like the 2 other 520s i have so i gues next snow we will just find out.any how that leads me to finding out what the wire is for thay was hooked to the hot on the rectifier 🤔as i know that the stator is hooked to the poles it needs to be an the morron that had this b4 me has that part of the wiring a mess
  4. Dball

    520 battery draining

    Tryed replacing fuses nothing changed so far way it reads is on a cont test it shouldnt ring out which it didnt so the rectifier was replaced im un sure of what it could be their was a few niks in the copper windings but none of them was cut in half
  5. Dball

    520 battery draining

    Well guys i pulled my fly wheel and took my stator off an tryed a cont test and it doesnt ring out so im thinking my stator is bad.any input
  6. Dball

    520 battery draining

    I hope its not in the stator but i didnt ohm it out and i dont have a onan manual yet just hoping its somthing small nothing big and expensive but im sure that will be my x mass gift this year lol
  7. Dball

    520 battery draining

    Well i installed my new amazon rectifier and its the volt meter is still readind 12 volts when i turn lights on it reads around 11.8 or so even when i throttle up i cleaned the the wires leading into the rectifier also the ground wire up by the dip stick tube the battery hasnt went dead yet but my gut is telling me theirs still an issue with my charging system that i would really love to solve b4 next snow fall
  8. Dball

    engne not starting

    What cafoose said i know when my battery was low or dead turn the key and get the click noise that u have described or a bad connection ect but id charge the battery then try to start it of hook some jumpers up
  9. Is it really nessasary to remove the deck lift to install the down pressure bar ?or can it be some how zip tied up out of the way
  10. Dball

    520 battery draining

    Meter on the tractor read 12 volts when i started it but never thought to look when my lights went dim and started to run crappy charged the battery lights r bright again and purrs like a kitten but have yet to run it like i was when this happened.i did order a cheap rectifier off amazon hoping that solves the issue i have replaced the molex plug as the old 1 was bad everything was tripple checked and my freind that does electrical checked it and om'd it out all was good hoping its somthing simple
  11. Me and my son was plowing snow yesterday an about 2 hours mabe less or more but i noticed my head lights going dim then it started to run like crap becouse i have an electric fuel pump. I shut tractor down let it cool the tryed to start it again in which it just clicked didnt have the juice to turn motor over so hooked jumpers fired right up what would the likely culprit be the stator or the rectifier.thanks for any and all help guys
  12. Thank u sire i couldnt see the clip
  13. As the title says reason i am trying to remove it is i am putting a snow plow on and i have the longer bar to have downward pressure any help would be grate thank u all
  14. Dball

    What are the valve clearence in a 20hp onan

    Thank you all for the good tips and advice
  15. Dball

    What are the valve clearence in a 20hp onan

    Yes thank you gary Im getting. 010 exhaust and .004 intake at tdc i dont have the heads off to be 100% but im pretty sure i am at or close to so think all is good