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  1. Vrocko

    Snow blower attachment

    Thanks Ed. Would love to find one for mine. I'll keep looking.
  2. Will a snow blower off a 1964 fit my 75 b80?
  3. Vrocko

    B-80 spindle bearings

    Thanks for the help. I'm well on my way to resurrecting this family heirloom.
  4. Vrocko

    B-80 spindle bearings

    Sorry Daveoman1966 the site would not let me respond. It's a 36 deck. It's cast iron. I got the sleeve out of the spindle. How do I go about removing the bearings.Heres a pic.
  5. I have a 75 B-80.Trying to replace the bearings in the main drive pulley.What direction do i drive the shaft out of the spindle.