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  1. .5racer

    1 1/4" Exhaust clamps

    I thought Advanced Auto carried those ?
  2. .5racer

    Maybe I did something wrong

    while running it could be sucking in air and stoped leak out oil is the shaft scratched or the seal ma have rolled at assem after running does the oil have air in it by checking at the dip stick
  3. .5racer

    Identify this mower

    does it have a tag with a model number on it . number would help a bunch... on that I wouldn't have a clue where to look .
  4. .5racer

    Backing your Garden Cart?

    sounds like a lot of good seat time ,,,,warmer too ,,,do a big u turn and come back to the pile
  5. .5racer

    windmill mole chasers

    must be on a long piece of pipe as instructed or not as effective...there's a be b in the housing and is echoed down the tube or pipe to make the ear shattering noise for them........
  6. .5racer

    Oxyacetylene cutting.

    wear ear plugs to keep those sparks out of your ear ...littlest spark can destroy hearing loss
  7. .5racer

    D-180 lacks drive power

    make sure the bypass valve is shut , left side I believe. Might have vibrated loose . fluid level for hydro under seat 10w30 . plugged filter for hydro ,, how well do the lifts lift ,, great or sluggish also see if coupler on motor isn't slipping
  8. .5racer

    machine shop help

    BE BETTER OFF GOING TO A NAPA didn't mean to yell ...be better if you could find a machinist with a mill or lath at home to do it for you on the side . What I would do if I could if I was closer . How much time do you have ?
  9. .5racer

    3 point hitch for GT 14

    that's where I left it ,, ,,lol . Great find and And as always pic pic pic lol
  10. .5racer

    D Snow Blower

    since the last ( or I mean the 1st post) the blower has been remove and the blade put back on !! why? Blade has more seat time and less mess on me!?!. Not to meation the counter weight ya need to go back, backing up a steep asphalt drive . Will get the other D rebuilt and mount later so I can chose whitch I want to use, as weather deems !!
  11. .5racer

    D Snow Blower

    ok ,,,almost 70 views and no one can answer my question for some simple measurements.. bet some of the other 69 viewers need the same info ......is that the number of members we have ? ya all know I m kidding !!!!!!!
  12. .5racer

    D Snow Blower

    would anyone have some dimension for the crank bracket for the chute. I know the shape and can prob the width and thickness. just need what each run is to bends. bracket and keeper. Thank You ! The 1/2 x 49 was the correct belt also. will get pics up when I have it done ,will paint this summer...have installed DRIFT CUTTERS ,,,,,
  13. .5racer

    How wide is your snow blade?

    you could put this on a ford ranger
  14. have bought and had shipped a snowblower ,,,looked and tried to figure the spring lift size... Can anyone tell me the length, dia. and wire size of the spring so I can mount this beast and blow some snow .. !!!!!! Thank You ! ,,,,,Terry
  15. .5racer

    Chains or Agro tires? Which do I want?

    slap some bungy straps on the outside them chains in a V fashion and that will take up some slack . As far as wear, I wouldn't worry too much unless you spin on concrete a lot.