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  1. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    I'm actually green lol have been for a long time, but I'm not paying 800$ for a green 30yo mower without a hood lol
  2. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    For 200 it's not bad, actually has 52" deck hoping to flip it and make a little on it
  3. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    Set up time to meet and went to get it and he sold it while I was on my way im now looking at an allis chalmers 616 with a 38" deck
  4. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    I have to wait until the weekend due to work im just curious what all I could get as far as attachments
  5. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    Would this be able to support a snow blade? thats one point keeping me from jumping on this
  6. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    I will probably buy it the sellers says it has a toro 416 motor ill ask for a few more pictures of engine bay
  7. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    Lol don't worry I don't care for yellow either i have no clue why it's yellow to begin with Looks like just a couple odds n ends and it'd be almost new i think its been rebuilt
  8. Cubcad125

    Hello from indiana

    Hello, my name is Mike i live south of Indianapolis and have been watching a few wheel horses for sale and wouldn't mind getting an older one to tinker with i have found one I really want for about 350$ i will probably try to purchase it this weekend I believe it's a 520h any information on it would be great and if it's a good price