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  1. Chris1055

    Dump valve stuck

    I just want to push it. Without the tractor running. Yes the tow valve. I figured I’d get that fixed first than go from there with the nuetral adjustment. I had the tow valve stuck on my by got 14 but it had a nut at the bottom of the valve I loosened that and the whole valve came out. I don’t like the fact the valve is so close to the chassis. Is alittle bit of a pain. That’s why I liked the gym 14 it was on top under the seat. Perfect access
  2. Chris1055

    Dump valve stuck

    Hi I have a 1974 c160 auto nice machine. Hydro runs strong but needs some adjusting. Just got done with the hubs they were loose they had the wrong woodruff key in them and had some wobble or it was just really worn. Nothing leakes and I put new fluid in it but I can’t get the tranny in neutral because the dump valve is stuck I don’t want to hurt anything. Any suggestions??
  3. Hi guys I have a reel mower that I’d like to mount and use on my suburban I just finished a rotory deck for this and now I’d like to see how a reel cuts. From the pictures I’ve seen I’m missing the bracket that goes from the mower to lift arm looks like just a piece of stock does anybody know the dimensions. I’m missing the belt cover as well. But that can be a winter project.
  4. Hi guys does anyone have a pic of the belt routing on the rm 425. A pick of the routing decal would be great. I peeled my off put it some where safe and now can’t find if for the life of me. It seems like this only goes on one way. But it’s spining backwards so somethings wrong lol
  5. Hi guys I’m looking for this bearing and was wondering if this as a common wheel horse bearing. I’m going to see if I can locate one from a bearing supply house. It goes into a 2 bolt housing. Just wanted to see your guys recommendations on this. Or maybe go another route.
  6. Chris1055

    Rm 425 deck.

    Hi. If anybody is parting out one of these decks or possibly want to sell the whole thing I would be interested. I have one good shape but looking for another cross shaft. thanks
  7. Chris1055

    Generator warning light. Socket factory?

    Ok gotcha. That will be my weekend project. Thanks guys. I wanted to make it fictional. Intstead of constantly on. I rebuilt the generator I know it charges great like it supposed to but figured I do it right.
  8. Chris1055

    Generator warning light. Socket factory?

    Yes. It states the positive lead should be on ignition and the ground should be on start. Well I assume it’s ground. My light is using chassis to ground. And one lead I put on ignition but only lights in on position it doesn’t light or flicker when running
  9. Chris1055

    Generator warning light. Socket factory?

    I quickly connected it to the battery just to see if it would light on a freshly painted tractor and to my surprise I lit right up. And at some point in the next couple of weeks I will solder a ground lead on. My question is that If I’m currently using chassis to ground what terminal of the switch does the single lead attach to. Start or ignition.
  10. I’m in the midst of wiring my tractor and when I came to this light it seemed odd that my socket has one wire coming from base of the bulb and the casing is used for ground. All of the diagrams show two wires. But it looks factory. Is there a way I can make this work?
  11. Thanks that was a big help. I really appreciate your advice !!
  12. Hi guys so I’m currently working on a project in restoring my 855. My deck and steering wheel came out so well I needed something to go with them. I’ll post a thread on that as well. I came across some lights which are 4 in not 3 alittle bigger than I wanted but they were nos and the right price. Griffin 500’s. I found a bunch of old post on the HL-5’s and I made a template with the dimensions. But what type of stock do I need and how do I go about bending it? I know the originals were solid but what do you guys do? I like how the short frame 855 has the straight holes where the pto assembly goes on the frame under the dash. I think I’m going just mount the switch with those plus no drilling !!
  13. Chris1055

    What did you take home from the Big Show

    II need that banner to go with my pace car.!! One day I hope I stumble across a Indy 500 special to go with it. I gotta get to the show next year it’s been to many years since I’ve been .
  14. Chris1055

    Rm 367 deck rebuild

  15. Chris1055

    Rm 367 deck rebuild

    I totally agree. I do the same. Thanks for the info. !