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  1. Skeeters65

    WTB: Suburban front wheels

    Any luck on the width? Thanks
  2. Skeeters65

    WTB: Suburban front wheels

    Axle diameter is 3/4" wheels are 3.75" wide from bead to bead. They have 4.8/4.00 - 8 tire on them. I assume that's an 8" wheel? what size are those wheels? Thanks
  3. Skeeters65

    WTB: Suburban front wheels

    Are you sure that's the right Wheel for a Suburban 400? I know it's the wrong tire size Any idea what shipping would be to CT 06254? Thanks I don't need the tires, that should save on shipping if you don't mind taking them off.
  4. Skeeters65

    Wheel Horse cart ?

    What's one of these low profile carts worth in good condition? Thanks
  5. Just want to make sure I have the correct hitch cable for my 400. Overall length 35.5" Cable housing length 26.5" Thanks
  6. Skeeters65

    WTB: Suburban front wheels

    Looking to buy a pair of suburban front wheels. Don't need to to be correct originals. Just a good matching set. Thanks
  7. Going to start sand blasting all the parts to my suburban Wednesday. Has anyone sandblasted a complete Kohler K91? if so how did you block off the exhaust and intake? Anything else I should be careful around? Any other tips?? Thanks
  8. Skeeters65

    RJ 58 Restoration

    Any close up pics of how you did that stack?
  9. Skeeters65

    Suburban front end bolt?

    Hey guys I'm looking for the bolt that hold the front end onto the frame on my Suburban 400. Is it anything special? If not anyone know what size I need? Had to torch mine out. Thanks
  10. Skeeters65

    Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    Do you have the flat metal steering link that connects the 2 spindles? Has a hole in it for the tie rod to connect to? This is for a Suburban 400 thanks
  11. Skeeters65

    Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    Email sent for Suburban 400 steering part. Thanks
  12. Skeeters65

    Wanted: Suburban front wheels

    Hey guys I am looking for a good pair of Suburban front wheels. Let ne know what you got. Thanks
  13. Looks like the is quite a bit of "slack" in the brake arm in your second picture. If you take that slack out it should stand the pedal up some.
  14. Skeeters65

    Help IDing belt guard

    Thanks guys. I will hold on to them until I get a mower deck.
  15. That 400 looks like junk. Might as well send it to me for disposal!! Haha