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    Watching and helping my grandsons grow up. Using and taking care of my little Wheel Horse.

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  1. bustedglass


    You walked right into that one Steve :thumbs:
  2. bustedglass

    Straight from the Horses mouth

    I have both 1st, and 2nd edition books. I have read them both QUITE A FEW TIMES, AND THEY ARE HOLDING UP GREAT !!!!! :thumbs:
  3. bustedglass


    Terry, you have helped me on many an occasion. And I just want to give you a big THANK YOU !!! :ROTF:
  4. bustedglass


    Got my copy last week. Cover to cover reader for sure. Great article Duke. Keep em coming .
  5. bustedglass


    Better late than never . Happy Birthday Redsquare, and thanks for the thread Bud. Here is my one and only : Attached Image
  6. bustedglass

    My WH "Clydesdales"

    I like those winch setups. Well thought out guys .
  7. bustedglass

    Wheelhorse for Christmas

    Nice pic. Thanks for sharing, and .
  8. bustedglass

    just bought a wh 211-5

    Nice seat Mike. Love the high back on mine .
  9. bustedglass

    Swapped! 520 H for a 314 H

    Nice swap .
  10. bustedglass

    Picked up a C-195

    Nice find Kelly. Good luck with the 3 point .
  11. bustedglass

    New D-160

    That is one sweeeeeeeeet looking outfit you got there. I didnt catch what you had to pay for it . Great find .
  12. bustedglass

    Good to be back!

    Good to have you back. Like Bud said, only 5030 posts. YOU GOTTA CATCH UP .
  13. bustedglass

    NOS Raider 14

    Great looking tractor Rick. Cant wait to see the rest of your herd. Nice to see you back .
  14. bustedglass

    back from roadtrip

    Good looking D. Nice trade .
  15. bustedglass

    Work Horses

    Hey Bobby, would love to see that 218-5 custom of yours "up close and personal". Got any pics you can share with us ???