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  1. Rollerman

    Homely Homesteader

  2. Rollerman

    Speedex S??

    I have had several Horse's, but when I moved about 4 years ago, I sold most of my older Horse's for lack of space. Currently I have 3 worker Horse's, the Homesteader & now the Speedex. Hoping to find a clean round hood & a Lawn Ranger yet. Maybe another large frame too.
  3. Rollerman

    Speedex S??

    I bagged another Briggs powered off brand for my eclectic collection. The seller listed it as a 66 Speedex S-14, but I am thinking the S-14 just had a fwd/reverse gear box & this has a 4 speed Peerless? Still has the funky belt tensioner that moves the whole engine forward to put tension on the drive belt. Even has a counter fit off brand slot hitch in back.
  4. Rollerman

    SB421 basket case

    He didn't see the hole in the block till after the fact. And he's not aware of what Horse's are worth more or built better. Yep. I think the hole is for checking the rod cab bolts, then you just put a new band aid over the hole & back at it.
  5. Rollerman

    SB421 basket case

    My father in-law picked up this treasure at an auction a few years back. It's been sitting since along the back fence row getting swallowed up by the weeds until we started clearing off the fences again & drug it to my shop. I think he got caught up in the bidding & paid way to much for it, but I told him it's not a total loss & I could bring it back.....with a lot of parts! Unless I can find a correct Briggs for it, I'll probably throw in a spare K181 I have on the shelf. Currently in the process of tearing it down,my FIL will paint the tins while I do the mechanical work. Check out the inspection window on the backside of the engine!
  6. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    I blame my math teacher... You are right, I was doing some math last night & realized this. I'm not looking for a lot of speed, but don't think I can safely overdrive the 8 speed to get up to 20/25MPH with the Predator engine WOT, (calculation between engine & trans here), the 8 speed in 3rd gear, Sami 3/73 drive axles on say 31" tires. Then there's the question, how much power loss would I get between the engine & rubber. Eh.... it's fun throwing around ideas. The main reason I considered the 8 speed... I have one, relatively easy to adapt to the Sami driveshafts, compact & gave me a reverse gear.
  7. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    Good to know. I already have the axles & no idea of the year. Since I won't be running any taller than a 30ish inch tire, stock gearing should be fine in the axles. I can underdrive the trans if needed.
  8. Rollerman

    Golf carts

    Any golf cart fans or owners here at Redsquare? We have an E-Z-GO TXT & a ClubCar DS Carryall. We use them for tooling around the yard & trailer the E-Z-GO to community garage sales where they are golf cart friendly & a big flea market in Lima, OH every summer. (Maxx's Trader Days & Water Dog Races). http://maxstraderdays.com/ We have a lot of fun with them. I picked up the E-Z-GO as it sits & other than adding a stereo haven't changed it. The Club Car was a former Notre Dame mail car & has the full cab (doors come off in the summer) , I put a 4" lift on with 23" tires, the front bumper & the LED lights. It's my go too for weedeater, chainsaw, bird & deer corn hauler. Any other golf carters here?....lets see them.
  9. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    Since the original question in the thread was if a Horse 8 speed could be used as a center mounted trans/xfer gearbox, I started another thread showing what I'm working (dreaming) on. See "Whatchamacalit" in the Other Brands thread. And if an admin or mod wants to merge or consolidate the two threads
  10. Rollerman


    I find myself checking out the "Other Brands" thread quiet a lot....& feel a little guilty for not being a Wheel Horse purist. The three Horse's I have do me fine, sure I'd like to have a couple more round hoods when & if I ever get my pull barn up....maybe a Speedex, one of them green round fenders, Powerking, etc, etc... So to get this thread on track & end my rambling, I like the odd ones, hand built or obscure GT's that never caught on (see my Homesteader thread). Whatchamacalit, I'm not sure what else to call this or what thread this should go under. But Odd & Obscure fit it pretty good. I believe it was built as a parade car? It's 11' long & 55" wide, powered by an 8HP B&S, with a belt driven 3 speed car trans & a car type rear axle. No suspension & with all the weight towards the front, if the front end dips low enough to lift a back tire....there it sits. What I have....a 22HP Predator engine, a HD 8 speed from a C series, a pair of Samurai axles & driveshaft's. Maybe some 26" ag's or bigger, have to do some math, see what kid of gearing I would have in the axles & at the drive from the engine to the trans. For suspension I'm thinking maybe a transverse leaf at the front & golf cart leaf springs in back. Anyone seeing where I'm going with this? Isn't it fun to dream & ramble.....
  11. Rollerman

    New Rescue this weekend!

    Rescue or stole... Nice find & looks like it's really clean.
  12. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    It does, thanks....but more math involved & if the Horse trans can handle pulling two axles.
  13. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    See this is the complicated part...."math". Easier for some to comprehend, complete mystery for those like myself. What I have....or brainstorming. A pair of Suzuki Samurai axles, an 8 speed in the middle & powered by a Predator 22HP using either a torque converter or simple belt with tension idler style clutch. Depending on what the ratio of the axles are I can set up the drive off the engine for some reduction. Really not looking for a lot of speed.
  14. Rollerman

    Theroretical 8 speed question.

    For true 4x4 yes, but leaving the diff open would help the steering. Eh....more like a golf cart/tractor/4x4 thing.