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  1. Bttatro


    Plenty of nicer and cheaper in Indiana. Keep your money and shop around. Oh yeah,
  2. So I used my snow thrower all winter on my c141 and it was fine until the last two snow falls. Now the wheeled caster that adjusts the height will not stay in the position I want and I find myself pulling back on the implement lift to keep the thrower at the proper height. I don't see where the tension on that wheeled caster could be adjusted. Please help
  3. Bttatro

    Value of Jacobsen

    Hey gang, I'm looking at picking this Jacobsen. I think it may be a 69 super cheif. It has a good running 14 hp kohler. What would you value this at? No attachments and may have a charging system issue.
  4. Bttatro


    Yes, the back panel on the rear box needs to be replaced entirely. On a side note I'm kind of thinking about painting it GE yellow on one half and wheel horse red on the other worth a half GE logo wheel horse logo in the round spot on the grill.
  5. Bttatro


    Well, I have it home. I'm hoping to resurrect the batteries by desulfation. I want to do a full restoration, and collect impliments for it. I know this will be a slow process as it is my first and my bill fold isn't nearly as full as some. Here are some pictures. I have included the serial number plate in hopes someone can shed some light on the history of this machine. Cheers!
  6. Bttatro

    A Hello & Some Background

    You can always check into shipping via Fastenal, that seems to be the way to go. Also, and I'm also not mechanically inclined, but love these beasts. I'm going Saturday to pick up another bringing my current total to 3 and my life time ownership to 6. Enjoy the hobby!
  7. Bttatro

    Larger Fromt tires

    @cschannuth, that is a sweet looking machine! I love those toes and wheels on there!
  8. Bttatro

    7hp tecumseh won't start

    @Retierd Wrencher Any info you have would be great. Thanks everyone.
  9. Bttatro

    7hp tecumseh won't start

    I will try to get at it tomorrow, if not I took a week off work, so I should get to it soon.
  10. Bttatro

    7hp tecumseh won't start

    I have a 7hp tecumseh pull start on my tractor and it was running and driving for the first time in several years this summer. Now I can't get it to start at all. The plug was fouled so I replaced it. I also cleaned the carb really well. I am getting spark, but even with sharing fluid it won't fire. What am I missing? What should I try? I am using premium gas and the gas line is also new and the filter in the tank looks good also. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Bttatro

    RM364 deck for sale

    Yes, I know that is what the picture is I posted as that is the deck I have to trade.
  12. Bttatro

    RM364 deck for sale

    Would this work on a 606 w/o modification? If so would you be intersted in trade for a lawn ranger deck?
  13. Thanks Garry, Looks like I need to replace the parts on top portion of the deck for the proper mounting hardware.