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  1. 69-Raider-10

    Blowing 25A fuse

    I just went through the almost exact same problem with my 314-8. When I finally admitted defeat after about 6 hours of basic troubleshooting with my Fluke, a can of De-Ox, and 15 blown fuses (Sure wish I learned the "meter as a simulated fuse" trick earlier in life😂) I searched in the only place on the net where I trust the information and people without question, good ole Red Square! Cant begin to say how impressed I am with Save Old Iron's information. WOW. Buddy, if you're anywhere near Reading PA anytime soon, beers are on me. Also a big ole Atta Boy to the thread starter CGK for following through with well written updates and statuses after testing. Awesome thread. If its not already (dont know how to check), this thread should be pinned somewhere for eternity as an example of excellent camaraderie, technical information posting, linear follow through, and damn near everything one needs to know about the 300 series wiring and circuitry. I am yet again blown away by the people that so wisely chose a Wheel Horse as their "Lifetime Tractor" and Red Square as their home for learning and teaching. Hats off gentleman. Ps. Not to take anything away from the others who offered opinions and information. There wasnt one mediocre post in this thread. All good solid well written posts. Thanks to all of you my issue is once again resolved after visiting and reading.
  2. 69-Raider-10

    What are the challenges of swapping a K181 WITH A KOHLER Magnum 14?

    I do! LOL! I use this type of jargon with them and also with new younger fellas I hire or work with. Im known to ask for the "Shingle Stretcher" or my "Right Handed Hammer".
  3. 69-Raider-10

    What are the challenges of swapping a K181 WITH A KOHLER Magnum 14?

    So sorry for taking this long to respond all. As always, thanks a million for taking the time to help me out! I just started a business recently and it has me going nuts. I was so relieved when I finally sat down and read your replies. I thought for sure the first thing I'd read was: "Good luck with that! Hope you're a really good welder and fabricator! First, you'll need to raise the boonozzlers up an inch and a half, then bend a new schwizzwizzler for the jenklebumpkis. And after that you better fork over some scratch for 2 new left handed wheel hamplers. Finally, you can go buy another machine because the swap is impossible." So imagine my relief when I read the replys. LOL Thanks again and Ill post pics upon completion!
  4. Happy Easter fellow Horse Junkies! I am not happy with my Raider 10 after I swapped out the Lauson for a K181. Its not so much the difference in power between the 10hp and the 8hp, its the fact that my other 2 tractors are a Bronco 14 and a 416 8 Onan. I hop on the Raider and even though its the most mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing tractor, it has the least cajones. I have a low hour 14hp Magnum sitting around that I was saving as a backup but I think I want to drop it in the Raider. Anyone make this type of swap before? Anything that makes it not doable or ill advisable? As always I appreciate the input and your time in answering. Happy Easter!
  5. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    Thank you everyone! Too many to quote. Once again a combination of several great suggestions and excellent information has pulled me through. The Bronco is riding once more! In a nut shell it was a mixture of excessive moisture and bare wires in tight places. I ended up pulling the ignition switch and cleaning it on the wheel, as well as cleaning all the terminal connections to the back. Then I cut out and replaced the single lead coming off the bottom of the coil and it's 2 branch connectors. Sprayed a little electrical contact cleaner/dryer on the chasis grounds and under dash, gave it a bit and turned the key. Back in business. Thanks again! Ps. Be ready for the 416-8 questions this weekend! Picking it up today.
  6. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    Im with you on this. I'm now convinced this puppy one big short. I watched behind the dash when I turned her over and smoke instantly from the key switch. I let it hang for a few minutes and popped the plug again, no spark to be seen anywhere. I think its time this old gal gets a total rewire. I went over just a few feet of power wires and found no less than a half dozen bare wire spots within an inch of chasis. Im hoping something didnt short the ignition and fry it somehow. I have to go find literature on this breakerless ignition and see what its all about. Might have to add it to the Things I Hate List right behind twist lock throttle cables, S.S Ignition systems on the Lauson / Tecumseh Motors, MTD, Fuel shut-off solenoids, Joe Buck, Any Cowboys fan living in PA who has no connection to Texas whatsoever but has developed this clearly phony heartwrenching yarn about how their grandfather was a fan and he/she grew up watching the cowboys every Sunday. RIP Poppy. - MALARKEY!!!! YOU ARE JUST AN ANTAGONIST AND DONT GIVE A RIP ABOUT FOOTBALL!! If you want proof just ask them to do something on Sunday when the "Boys" are playing anybody but the Eagles. You'll never hear, "Sorry man, my squad is playing the Browns at 1." Try asking an Eagles fan to do something on a Thursday night in August and you'll get, "Are you out of your mind? The Birds are playing the Jets tonight and I want to see that Corner from Clemson we picked up in the 7th Round and the walk-on kicker from Jersey. My brother-in-laws son from a previous marriage is roomates with the kids cousin." Ok, Im done ranting. Autozone was out of them and Harbor Freight is just far enough away that I didnt want to take the drive. I have Champion H10C's (?) In all my horses and come to think about it I have had to switch quite a few out the last couple years. Whats a good Autolite or NGK crossover? Thanks!!
  7. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    In the meantime, look at this crazy contraption I picked up last night. Honda HT3813 Liquid cooled Twin cylinder Radiator and fan. Its a mini car engine! I had to have it! Also picked up a 416-8 but she is ugly right now. Runs great, 250 Hours, body is beat down. Im swapping tins out and throwing AG tires on her. She'll be a worker bee this summer for sure!
  8. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    Aldon, great info on the spark not necessarily firing in the head. Never knew that. And of course I cant find my plug tester anywhere. Off to Autozone! Ill let you know. Thanks!
  9. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    Yes indeed. First time I've had one. Wish I had points to dry and clean. I'd feel a whole lot better! LOL I don't know what to do with this.
  10. 69-Raider-10

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    Ugghh.... Im horrible at quoting. Trying to get you all in one reply. Forget it. I did change the plug. Sorry I didnt make that clear. The first plug had nothing but the second had spark. I hit the carb and the head at separate times with ether and neither got so much as a pop. I yanked the gas tank off to get to the inline fuse and the hose was rotted so Im replacing that. But now I have spark, ether direct to head with clean plug, and compression )(from what I can tell). What the hell is left to get this sucker to fire??
  11. Hi all. Just picked this 71 Bronco 14 up 3 days ago. Ran great thus far and then came out today to just a cranking motor. Heres what I did so far to no avail: - Checked Fuel to carb ✔ - Cleaned plug ✔ - Checked and replaced inline fuse ✔ - Checked spark ✔ (Its there. Not sure how strong) - Checked plug wire again and other wires to see if any popped off. None were. ✔ Thats where Im stopped. This ignition is new to me so I dont want to fool with it until I hear what to do and not to do. Any help is appreciated! I have no plow without this one! Need help! Thanks!!!!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions fellas. I actually swapped points out, set the gap twice, and static timed it as many times. One of the first things I do when I get a K Series motor is pop the blower Housing and clean/paint the 20deg and TDC marks on the flywheel, along with the timing mark on the block. Makes for easier timing in the future. This thing is almost dead nuts (if not dead nuts) on. I didn't fool with the governor setting. That could make it break up at higher RPMs? Never thought about that before. Another thing I noticed today is it has no power to the wheels. It moves real slow when at a fast idle before it breaks up, but going up a small incline it barely turns the wheels. My other Horses at idle would be hard pressed to be stopped by much anything. Recently replaced all the seals and gaskets. Could I have forgot one or something? Man this is making me crazy. Thanks for the help gents. Much appreciated!
  13. I actually swapped carbs with my 854 and it did the same thing. I'm at a loss on this one.
  14. Thsnks Sarge! I do have a fuse coming off the Battery post on the switch I believe? Solenoid is in there by the starter in front of the battery box. I'll snap some more pictures tomorrow. I am concerned about the breakup just past idle. It sounds like if you had your choke halfway closed when it was warm and you maxxed the throttle. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks again!!
  15. Does it look better now that its wired up? I have a solenoid in there.