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  1. dirtyhead


    Just new but had enough.Is it about wheeelhorse lawn tractors or is it about ego and "body counts" life is too short for that crap.Not too sure how to unsubscribe but its my next move.Bye
  2. dirtyhead

    312-8 no volts at solenoid

    Greetings Not too sure how I got it sorted but I know not to cross the wires going to the low oil switch,the switch closes when the oil is low so by crossing the wires going to the switch you are simulating low oil level.Leave them open if you want to bypass the switch when troubleshooting. Ivan
  3. I have two 512d wheelhorse and cannot find any information about how many were made and where.The engine has rubber mountings but everything else is pretty much a 312-8.If any one has any knowledge I would love to know.
  4. 312-8 has no power leaving relay to solenoid,If I use the switched feed to the relay on the solenoid it starts but I have no safety devices.The low oil switch wires have been joined where they leave the multiplug as one of them broke right at the switch too close to solder.The clutch and pto switches are good.When I turn the key the relay makes a faint click,when I turn it with the clutch depressed the solenoid joins in with a half hearted click.Could the low oil level wires being joined be contributing to alow voltage at the solenoid signal wire?Anyone got any ideas?
  5. dirtyhead

    Norlett/Wheel Horse..confused!!

    I meant to upload these a year ago,I really will scan the original brochure soon.I previously posted that this belonged to my father who bought it new in Belfast in 1974.Briggs and Stratton failed and a 12 hp Kohler installed Built in Belgium under licence apparently..Galvanised the deck along with two 42 inch decks about 25 years ago and they are still perfect.I bought a 512d on ebay the other day,I still have to organise collection,I hope its not junk.
  6. dirtyhead

    Norlett/Wheel Horse..confused!!

    My father bought a new Norlett Commander in 1974,it had a Briggs and Stratton engine with an electric clutch and 36 inch deck.The engine seized and I eventually gave it to a friend of mine,meanwhile I bought a new Wheelhorse which was identical except for the clutch.I sold it to my brother and it was stolen from his garage,I replaced it with a Wheelhorse 312-8 Kohler in 1987 and still have it today with over 2400 hours-still on the original exhaust.My friend with the Norlett fitted a Kohler engine and associated bracketry which he sourced in the U.S and refurbed it to a very high standard,even galvanising the deck.It is used weekly to cut his lawn He still has the original sales brochure I gave him with the Norlett,I am sure I could scan it to anyone who is interested.