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  1. Mats Öberg

    New member from Sweden

    Here´s the deck with a non original *see-through feature*... Came on the tractor when I bought it. Used it for about 18 years. Don´t know the model, only thing I know is that sucker ate belts like crazy. I actually put a smile on when it crashed....
  2. Mats Öberg

    New member from Sweden

    Thanks guys! Promised some images so I´ll try to post some. Using Photobucket so I hope it´ll work. Yep, that worked fine..
  3. Mats Öberg

    New member from Sweden

    Hi guys, I´m Mats. and I´m located in Sweden. Been using my C161 automatic for 20 years by now and I love that thing. Mower deck gave up on me a couple of years ago so she´s just been plowing a little bit of snow recently as I got one of them modern mowers after the deck broke down. Will post images soon as I just signed up here and it´s way after sunset now so I need some better light to shoot images. Stay well gang, Mats