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  1. Red144runner

    Wheelhorse Halloween

    Did my annual 3/12 horror scene. Went with a big old Homelite 450 for the amputation duty this year. The kids always enjoy it.
  2. Red144runner

    New to tractors . Need advice

    One of my dealers told me the tractor itself requires 2hp to operate the transmission and move the tractor. Now, I’d assume he was talking about the manual trans, but not sure. The other factor would be the load on the tractor and plowing 12” of snow on a 4’ blade definitely uses more than 2hp. I plow my driveway and 200’ of sidewalk part uphill with my 3-12 8. Cast iron in the wheels, and 200lbs of cast iron suitcases on a reciver hitch. I run Carlisle AGs and had no trouble last year unless I was pushing a huge pile uphill. 8hp will be fine like everyone said, traction and weight👍
  3. Red144runner


    I mow 7 lawns on the side 3 are neighbors. One in is a good size and flat. The only pita is a swingset. I like using the tractor on it for several reasons, it does a beautiful job, it needs to be bagged and with I only need to empty twice, my proline 36” I empty 7-8 and it’s a good excuse to run it for 90 minutes.
  4. Red144runner

    I'm finally a "Wheelman"

    Those are particularly cool Wheelhorse tractors. First it has a great engine in that boxer IC Briggs, make a lot of power more than enough for a big deck or 2 stage snowblower. Second it has the Eaton 1100, and on that model the top speed is a little more than the others. Also came with the big wheels in back. Might not be a bad idea to pull the heads and look at those valve seats, and while your there stake them in for cheap insurance.
  5. Red144runner

    Happy birthday USA

    Forgive my lawn. Battling red thread right now.
  6. Red144runner

    520 start tear down. Ugly

    Replace all rot, good cleaning/degreasing. Further replacement of parts I'm sure, then tune up and some paint. Final product look good and functional.
  7. Red144runner

    520 start tear down. Ugly

    Luckily I found all the tins I need. Even a 520 hood, the paint is faded a bit but compared to what it has now big improvement
  8. Red144runner

    520 start tear down. Ugly

    Took the tractor and new used sheet metal to work today. Had some time so I started taking parts off. The fender is real bad. Years of letting grass build up and time in the rain have rotted it out. Had to grind a few bolts here and there. The pto side running board was replaced with a piece of 3/16" diamond plate with tubes welded on under neath to slide over the mounting rods. Done quite well too. The hydro filter mount is broken from frame (new one ordered). It's gunked up good but aside from the sheet metal it's solid. Drained trans today too.
  9. Red144runner

    2 tractors finally meet

    Yes. I work full time on the grounds of a private high school. I also have 9 lawns I do. I mostly use a proline 36" toro wb, it has a bag too but the tractor holds much more. And like I've said before the quality of cut is second to none. When I got to the job I started mowing and the blades sounded slow. Checked belt tension (new belt) then questioned the position on the pto. Called the dealer, I had it on the outside pulley and I was wrong. Put it on the inside and what a difference. But it even cut good on the lower speed!
  10. Red144runner

    2 tractors finally meet

    That 520 looks okay in these pics. Up close it's rough
  11. Red144runner

    2 tractors finally meet

    I finally got the 5-20 out of my cousins garage bay. We stabiled the fuel in December and shut it off at the tank. Went there today and it fired right up. This tractor runs so well I think the hour gauge is correct. The motion controls need adjustment (lever won't stay in position) and the tach doesn't work. Aside from that it's good. I have all the panels to replace the pitted ones. The 3-12 is out cause I have a mow job that needs bagging. So I put the deck on, I completely went thru it this winter and a new belt. The bagger is going on later.
  12. Red144runner

    Rounding up some 520 parts. Good score today

    I actually forgot how it looks. It's parked in one of my cousins bays. Out of the weather at least, cause it sure looked like it spent some time outside. I find that rediculous. Piece of equipment that cost north of $4k new. I see it all the time though. Landscapers who have new $5000 toro walk behinds on open body trailers left out side all season no tarp or anything. All my stuff is in a garage or shed and if it is out for a short time it's covered well. Guess it gives me a winter project. I hope the hour meter is right cause it only showed around 400 I think and both cylinders had 125psi
  13. Almost all the tins on my 520 are bad, salvageable but very rough. I found floor boards, hood, fender and tunnel parts a while back. Today I picked up a set of 23x10.50x12 Carlisle AGs. Impressive to say the least. Look lightly used and the price was too good to pass. The deck is done, I'm fighting the urge not to dig into this tractor but this time of year is very busy with cleanups and lawns starting soon.
  14. Red144runner

    Generation Gap

    Get yourself a bag of gypsum. It counteracts the calcium chloride the towns spread and gets on the grass. Spread it like you would a fertilizer