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  1. Chris G

    Ever See an RJ Deck Like This?

    It looks like a early speedex chain driven deck shell. That someone swapped the rj deck spindles and so on to.
  2. I plow a couple driveways and some other areas at my house and I have used a alot of different machines. Last year was 1960 suburban 400 and the year before was a 3 wheeled Copar Panzer T102 with foot operated plow and this year my B140and the list goes on. The biggest thing Id say is making sure ya got adequate weight and traction. I always have used ags, but keep chains ready just in case. Also find the right gear and throttle range that works for you. And most of all never rush, enjoy the seat time. Plowing snow is probably my favorite thing to do with these old machines.
  3. Looks really sharp!!! Great job
  4. Looks like ya got a great machine to start with and a nice collection of pieces to help the project begin!
  5. Chris G

    704 Rebuild

    Welcome to Red Square and you will definitely find tons of help and information here!
  6. I can't say I've seen it done. But i have thought of this myself on several occasions. I think it could be done fairly easy. I would personally take snowmobile skis and make a mount on it to attach to axle and steering. Then the rear I would use atv tires on and then add a wheelie bar style frame to the rear axle with a small extra wheel. With the purpose of a tensioner and then trim down some studded snowmobile tracks and use them on the rear. That's a quick rundown idea. There would be a bit more fabrication then explained, but would be fun I think.
  7. I'm willing to follow along as well. Definitely be different. But nothing wrong with that.
  8. Chris G

    1978 Speedex 1130

    @elcamino/wheelhorse yes they did. The engine slid forward to tension the belt and back to take tension off. I know at one point they became stationary motors and then went back to the sliding motor.
  9. Chris G

    Electric lift components

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Chris G

    50lb wheel weights

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Chris G

    1978 Speedex 1130

    Well I tore in to the transmission today. It was filled with water and all sorts of junk. So i drained it out and flushed it a few times. Then went into cleaning all the pieces and got everything back to working order. When I take the machine all apart I will fully dismantle the transmission and clean again. But for know it's all functional and has nothing binding it up and shifts smooth as can be. It's a T-92 transmission. They were used in some other machines as well, like the Jim dandys and power kings. There actually still building these transmissions as well. First three pics are when I drained it and first opened it up. Last is when I put back together with some fresh gear oil. If ya look close you can see the line were the water was sitting at. Also to refill these it's 8oz of 90 gear oil.
  12. Well I think the question has been answered. Bit I was gonna say yes it's possible to weld them or just replace with a one piece tank.
  13. Chris G

    Gone to a new home/owner

    Very nice looking tractor
  14. Chris G

    1978 Speedex 1130

    I'm pretty sure the first speedex was the model B in 1938/39 and the last speedex was in 1999. The round hood style started in 1959 and went until the early seventies. Then switched to the square hood styles and a lot of them were known as the American series. But here's a chart for the S series year identification ( 1st phot below). The serial number for s series is stamped on the outside of frame under engine on the passenger side ( second photo below). And square body is same place on opposite side. The square frame usually first four digits is the model number and last four tells the year. Take the last four digits and the first 2 are the year. Like mine in last photo below is model 1130 and 78 is the year.