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  1. Chris G

    Floating bogie trailer

    Great idea!
  2. Well I decided only to get the main areas again and do all the rest tomorrow. But heres some pics and video. 20190119_171253.mp4 20190119_171059.mp4
  3. Me and the Custom 702 got about 2 hours of seat time earlier today and probably gonna get round 2 of seat time in about another hour or so!!! Love some seat time, best therapy out there in my book.
  4. Chris G

    Happy Birthday boys

    Happy birthday
  5. Chris G

    Got a Bolens Ridemaster

    Ya the paint is really good. It definitely needs a bath and decals. I will have to replace the rear tires, only cause there mismatched. I actually have a extra set of front tires for one of these. I been hanging on to them for along time, cause there original Firestone with the right tread pattern. They came off a walk behind, but are like new. I'm really excited to dig in on this one.
  6. Chris G

    Got a Bolens Ridemaster

    I will upload some video for sure when I get it home. It sat in the tired iron tractor museum locally for awhile. The when they closed and auctioned everything off In 2012, the gentlemen bought it and he has had it since. So it's gonna need a good go over for sure. But I think it's gonna be fun!
  7. Chris G

    Got a Bolens Ridemaster

    Well I had found out about this machine about a month ago. Finally was able to meet up with the guy this morning. He's got to move somethings so I can go pick it up. But wanted one for awhile and finally got one!!! It's ether a 1948 or 1949. Super excited to get it home and start playing with it.
  8. Chris G

    8in front wheel weights

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Chris G

    8in front wheel weights

    Changed Status to Pending
  10. Chris G

    Beaver garden tractors!

    Those are some very cool machines! Very cool and great to see you keeping them going, especially with the family ties to them.
  11. Chris G

    8in front wheel weights

    A set of wheel horse front wheel weights. $150 takes them. I can ship them and they will both fit in a medium flat rate box.
  12. Well all prayers and best wishes are continuing your way. I really hope that things start working out towards a less painful recovery and I most definitely hope everyone can continue with good spirits through this all. Again all prayers and best wishes to you all.
  13. Chris G

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    Looking pretty good!!!