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  1. When I transition from drives or sidewalks I tend to grab the lift handle and ease it up leaving layer of snow on grass helping to protect the lawn.
  2. Walt

    Plow On

    I had surgery on my right hand the beginning of October so I had my tractor and both walk behind snow blowers ready in September.
  3. Oh and I used a piece of flat stock .250 thick 3" wide 48" long and cut off 6" from length that I may later use to replace and repair the plows skids.
  4. Not sure I understand "two lines of mounting holes" I made my holes on a center line of the 3" width this allows me to wear it down approximately an inch before I have to flip it to wear out the second edge. Never mind It just hit me what you mean not sure if it would actually get me any more wear with my mounting holes being so close to the edge with how much of original material is worn away posting a pictures of back side of my blade. In the 3 pictures you can see how worn the plow is and as long as I keep an eye on it I should be able to keep from wearing away any more of the plow. I made this one with 3" hot rolled stock, I had debated going with 4" and I may switch to 4" cold rolled depending on how quickly it wears away. It would be nice to know if the cold rolled lasts 3 times as long since it's 3 times the price of hot rolled. Your plow is worn past where mine is worn too I still had the original holes to use for transferring hole locations to the flat stock. It may be beneficial to weld a piece of flat stock to the face to extend plow to recreate the mounting holes Or you may even go so far as to cut the plow back to the square tubing and use a piece of angle iron welded to bottom the square tube to reestablish the mounting holes. Based on my blades original hole locations I worked from center of blade outward using a center distance of 9.5" or 9 and 1/2 inches center to center for hole locations they fit perfectly on my blade at that distance.
  5. 42" I just drilled the holes and the used my jig saw with speed slowed down and squared them to fit the heads worked great. The steel cost me about 16.00 and new hardware was less than 5.00 with stainless nylock nuts.
  6. Made a new scraper for my plow yesterday.
  7. Walt

    Newbi question

  8. Walt

    Slip Sliding Away

    Everything I clear is either blacktop or concrete. I lift the blade as I transition to pushing the snow out into the side yards where I pile it. I found out many years ago if you clear down to the grass it takes a bit of time each spring for it to heal from being exposed thru the winter. As for the chains on front I'm happy with how well it now handles. So figuring out the tie rod clearance is all due to I have the chains so may as well figure out what I need to modify or do to mount them That was one of the things I was thinking about. I have a bag of tie wires in the garage for rebar figured I could wire the cross links 1 or 2 links shorter and see how the clearance works out before actually do any cutting.
  9. Walt

    Manual Lift Broke

    Mine did this earlier this winter I found it was simply the cotter key had either came out of the trunion or had worn out and broke into pieces. If you remove the panel I am pointing to in the picture you will see the upper arm that the trunion goes into. I would look there first it is only 2 bolts to check it. There should be a diagram in the manuals and I'm sure one of our members will chime in with link to it in a few on this assembly.
  10. When I inherited my tractor after the death of one of my best friends it had front tires best described as balloons with groves in them. Since I don't work for a living I am able to stay on top of snow removal so the areas I cleared didn't tend to give me many issues when adjusting my path of travel and knowing how big of bite to take with the blade angled. I like to clear around 6 feet wide on both sides of my road where the city either doesn't get near the curb and traffic doesn't use till I clear it. Where I was having the sliding issues was when changing direction of travel and side of the roadway I was clearing. When crossing the snow packed down from traffic in middle of the road I had to either feather the clutch or drop to low range and or a lower gear depending on if snow pack had turned to ice. Last weekend I had finally had enough of that so started looking to replace my front tires. I ordered them from EBay on Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday. Thursday I pulled the wheels and ran them over to the former Wheelhorse dealer who sold me the NOS wheel weights and chains a couple of years back they charged 20.00 even to break down and mount the new tires. To me 20.00 was worth avoiding the headache of doing it myself. Friday was the first time with the new tires and it was like night and day I found I could even take bigger bites with the blade angled and switching directions across snow pack was done in high range 3rd gear. Just came back in from dressing up sides of street where the plow came through last night and pushed crap from middle of road to the sides that I keep clear and I'm kicking myself for not doing this a couple of years ago. I also bought a set of chains for the front. I mounted one and when I mounted the wheel I tested it and it hit the tie rod end so am not using them this year. I will see if I can figure out what needs to be done to get them to clear the tie rods next summer when its not in the low double digits outside. I have a couple of ideas and if I solve that issue I'll let ya know.
  11. Walt


  12. And if you check vendors section Glen Pettit sells keys.
  13. Walt

    Windshield Washer Sale

    Add says limit of 2 at .99
  14. Walt

    So who plowed today?

    I decided since it will be in the upper 30's each of the next few days I should clean up the street before I did the drive ways and side walks. I did bust out my Troybilt two stage snow blower to dress up along the curb to make sure any melt can run down the road to the storm drains I cleared. My little Briggs motor impressed me when I decided I would clear the sidewalk around the property next to me that hadn't been cleared yet this season. Got me around 4 hours of seat time today.