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  1. Hi all, I changed the Breakerless ignition over to points. I'm only getting 6 volts to the battery. Do I need to change something else? I'm thinking stator, regular. Engine starts and runs, just won't put out 12+ volts. The reason I changed to points is, it wouldn't start with the Breakerless. As soon as I installed the points, it started! Just won't put out 12 volts. In thinking the stator is only putting out 6 volts? Thanks, fred
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    Hi, nice toys! I noticed in one of the photos of the rear of the tractor, there is more of the axle on the left side showing between the rear end housing and the wheel hub. Is this normal? Doesn't that make the left wheel a stick out a little more then the right? I have a raider, and I had the same thing, I thought someone put the wrong axle in the rear end. I know one alxe is a little longer then the other.
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    6 or 8 speed trans

    Ok,I got it! Thanks 953 Nut!
  4. Fredski53

    6 or 8 speed trans

    Thanks for all the input! I'll try the helicoil! But I'm still confused on the 6 or 8 speed trans. So the 8 speed has 4 forward gears and 2 reverse ?
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    6 or 8 speed trans

    Hi all, new guy here, I have a 69 10 horse raider that the dog point set screw for the shifter broke off. I tried drilling the set screw out, but it was made of hard steel. I was able to get the screw out by drilling around the screw and using a small chisel , back the screw out. Now my problem is there is not enough metal around the set screw hole to hold the screw! I was thinking helicoil or could you weld the hole closed and then redrill it? Also what about replacing the whole half trans case with a used one? The trans I have is a 3 speed with the hi /low. So, is this call a 6 speed or 8 (6 forward 2 reverse) trans? Sorry for the long post ! Thanks , Fred