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  1. My family and I are staying at the Gettysburg Hotel right in downtown if anyone else is staying there and want to meet for a drink and talk tractors? Will be there Friday morn through Sunday morn.
  2. Nick32579

    1960 Suburban 400

    If anyone has a print or dimensions I can shear and roll one out of whatever material you request, if you wanted a custom one out of aluminum or stainless. For a heat shield.
  3. Nick32579

    Sickle Bar mower shafts for sale

    I still have 2 shafts available if anyones looking. And if you need a part custom made feel free to message me with what you need and we can talk about a price and getting it made.
  4. Nick32579

    Sickle Bar mower shafts for sale

    Sure if you want to send me an email with the shipping location or post it here I can find out how much it’ll be to ship it.
  5. Nick32579

    Sickle Bar mower shafts for sale

    Anytime Jay it was fun and thanks for the kind words as well.
  6. Hi, i made one for another board member and while i was at it i made 3 more. If demands enough i can make more. They're 100.00 each plus shipping i have 2 pieces out of 1018 (seems close to the stock material) and one out of 4140 steel. I copied the dimensions off of a complete original shaft in great shape and held all the dimensions within .002, you will have to cut out your old shaft and weld this once in its place. The bottom side is chamfered for welding as well. I will consider some trades for parts like a plow or other attachments for my 61 401 or world war 2 military. Ok Thanks!! UPDATE I have 2 left still, 1 4140 and 1 1018 left. Can make more or if you need a custom shaft machined please feel free to show me what you need done and I can see if I can make it or not. Also would trade for a plow set up for my 61 401 or other implements.
  7. Nick32579

    Who will make the big show?

    Me and my dad will be there early friday looking forward to buying some stuff for my 401 i restored after getting the bug for a round hood after my dad made me take him for fathers day lol. Was my first time and it was great! it was like his 5th time haha
  8. Me and my dad are going. He took me for any first time last year and looking forward to this year to get more stuff for my 401.
  9. I will be at the BIG show coming up if someones interested in this i will bring it and we can make a deal!! Ill also consider trades for anything related to my 61 401 suburban!! Bought this on impulse before checking if it'd work on my 61 401. Not sure what its for but the measurements are 17.5 center to center on the spindle. Any other questions please feel free to send me a message.
  10. thats not far at all then! ill have to go and check it out!
  11. Haha it was pretty darn high! And that was with the deck all the way up!
  12. Hi and thanks! I'll have to google where sugar creek is. That sounds like something I can take my dad to.