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  1. Got a couple more days without any "honey-do's" so I got to spend some time working on the tractor. I've always said the trying to get all the parts together for a rebuild was like a "scavenger hunt" which at times can be a challenge. But trying to remember where I put those parts can be an even more frustrating challenge because they have to be somewhere within the 24' x 24' space that is my workshop. Then again I am the kind of guy that can lay a tool down, take two steps away from it and spend 20 minutes trying to find where I put it. AAAAARRRRGGGG!!!!
  2. After spending a month in St. Louis working on our "other" house then coming back and playing "catch-up" with all the "get ready for winter" stuff I got to spend some time in the shop. Got the engine back from the machine shop (they do great work but expensive) and I started putting it back together.
  3. Sent the engine to the machine shop and had some free time. Started on the hood and running boards.. Took then down to bare metal, self etching primer and Regal Red. They were looking real good and then I was looking at the panel on the right side that hides the belt (aaarggg) Took it back down and put a skim coat of some 3M body putty and repainted Looks real good now Started on the seat pan.
  4. It's been kind of hit and miss getting time to work on it but...... I did find a steering wheel for richmandred1that cleaned up really nice. Broke down the engine so I could send it out to the machine shop. The hobbs meter on it said 1823.7 but I found out it was broken so not sure how much time it has on the engine. It had a STD piston and like I said earlier it ran real nice without any smoke!?! The blast cabinet has been getting a workout. Lots of little parts and a couple of bigger ones. And a new set of drag links
  5. RJ Hamner

    Stover Hit and Miss Engine

    Not sure if they are still active but there was a Stover Engine group. Find a copy of Gas Engine Magazine. Lots of “parts guys” have ads along with different clubs/organizations. (At least there was when I used to subscribe)
  6. I was breaking down the engine getting it ready to go to the machine shop. Everything was pretty normal until it tried to remove the PTO race and the engine pulley. As I was setting up the "puller" I noticed the end of the crankshaft looked different but never gave it much thought. After a half a can of PB Blaster,destroying the engine pulley and turning the air in the shop blue I was able to get the crankshaft free. There was a LOT of baked on crud and grease and I thought that was the problem. Cleaned everything up and found the race would not slide on the crankshaft??? Got out the measuring tools and found the answer. The end of the crankshaft was expanded will past the 1.125". I had another crankshaft so I looked at the PTO end. It almost looks like someone bored the end and inserted some kind of tapered shaft and/or beat the heck out of the end and swelled the last 1/2"-3/4" of the crankshaft. Can anyone think of a reason???
  7. Sold Mower deck and attachments that came with my 1960 Suburban Spindels and pullys are free. The tractor is for me and the grandkids to play with and don't have a use for the deck
  8. Found some time to get a little work done. This tractor had the soft spongy steering wheel. I had a 74 C-120 that had the same steering wheel couldn't get either one off even with a press. One gave its life so I could get the shaft. The other made me really mad. I think it's going to be a "yard ornament" I really like the hard plastic type anyway so guess I will have to find one. A-Z maybe?
  9. While I was waiting on the axle seals got busy with the blast cabinet and sander.
  10. Got it all stripped down to the frame. Removed the frame from the tranny/hydro. Stripped the frame down to bare metal with the sidewheel grinder with 80 grit flap sander and a needle gun. Couple of coats or itching primer and decided to do something different and went with gloss black. Thought it came out pretty good
  11. Pulled the battery and was able to get the wiring harness out (after I labeled all the connections) in one piece. Should be able to make a brand new one when the time comes. Hood, fenders, running boards, PTO, belt guards all pulled. Today was TOO hot to mow (96 deg) and the finish on the moulding for the room downstairs needed to cure for another day so..... Today was bath day. Soaked everything down with Oil Eater (great stuff). Let it soak for a while then attacked it with the power washer. Forty years of grim gone in 30 minutes.
  12. RJ Hamner

    Looking for a K91 air cleaner assembly

    In the words of the God Father,"make me an offer I can refuse" LOL
  13. RJ Hamner

    Looking for a K91 air cleaner assembly

    You mean like this?
  14. Picked up this C-160 a couple of weeks ago from Joe out in SW PA. It had been on the Classified page for a while so I went out for a look. Got her home and got a new battery, new plug, new plug wire and some fresh gas. She purrs like a BIG kitten! Drove her around the yard a few times and put her on the lift. Got some of the parts I am going to need at the BS and some more from Jay in GA. Wife told me I have to finish the all the trim work in her "home theatre" in the basement so......... I do get a few hours in. After all, "Ya gotta let the finish dry between coats"
  15. RJ Hamner

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Actually I use several cut-offs like these. They come in real handy for painting. I made some"lazy Susans and set the cut-offs on them. Great for painting wheels, hoods, fenders etc Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary