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  1. dirtnap

    Trans noise

    The noise was the idler pulley. All fixed. Thanks.
  2. dirtnap

    Trans noise

    Steve and Richard, Thanks very much for the responses. Based on my observations and the fact that this machine has less than 360 well kept hours on it, I believe it's the idler pulley as well but will check all. That 492-4004 pdf screwed me up because if you look at it, it only lists machines up to 1982.
  3. dirtnap

    Trans noise

    I have an '86 417-8. I don't know the trans part number. I searched the manuals for my machine but got aggravated with the way the forum has them listed. It looks like the manual I need is not where it should be. Anyway, I have a noise coming from the rear end right side. Sounds like a throwout bearing noise, high pitched squeal. Goes away when you depress the clutch like a throwout. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. dirtnap

    Dealer List

    Here's a pic of Dubay's sign and a couple shots of their bone yard
  5. dirtnap

    simple question...

    Thank you sir
  6. dirtnap

    simple question...

    but can't find the info. I just need the original tire and wheel sizes front and rear for a 1978 C120. Thanks
  7. dirtnap

    nasty corroded deck spindles

    This spindle came off an old rear discharge deck that I rebuilt. It should ok right? Nice job on those spindles too!
  8. dirtnap


    1978 C120. Hasn't run in years but did when it was put away. Stored the last 5 years or so indoors but was feral for a while. It should clean up nice.
  9. dirtnap

    Another 420 in the garage

    Yea. Where'd you find that?
  10. dirtnap

    maine to conneticut and back .....any runners?

    what are you looking to ship? I might be able to help you out.
  11. dirtnap

    Problem with my snowblower

    She runs perfect now!
  12. dirtnap

    Problem with my snowblower

    Fantastic. Thanks a million. PO did have it on wrong. The bearings were shot on the sprockets. All teeth look good. I didn't take an extra link out of the chain. I said the chain had stretched a links length. I may have the time tomorrow to route the chain the right way. I'll report back.
  13. I got my 42" 79362 snowblower second hand. I noticed that the idler sprockets were bad so I replaced both of those and figured that I'd do the chain at the same time. Bought a length of #40 chain, counted the links and cut myself a new one. The new one was about one link's length shorter that what was on there. Perfect, that should take care of the slapping I had with the original. So I put the new one on but still have chain slap and the chain rubs at the top opening of the housing where it comes out. I have the operators manual but it doesn't show the proper chain routing. I'm thinking I have it on wrong but it appears there's only one way it goes on one way. Can anyone shed any light on this issue? Perhaps a routing diagram or proper chain length for this blower? Something doesn't look right and I think the previous owner may have had it on wrong. Thanks a lot.
  14. dirtnap

    craigslist find

    I'm a CL addict. I've been buying and selling on CL for years. I check it almost every day. I always use only my phone number and specifically say in my post that I will not answer texts or email. And, if the ad is up it's still for sale. If you want to do business with me pick up the phone and call me. Sure there are people who don't show up but I've found that by actually talking on the phone to people, you can really weed out most of the scammers and tire kickers. My biggest gripe is people who either don't know how or don't delete their ads when they've sold. It wastes both of our time not to.