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  1. Stike

    Mower Spindle Bearings

    I just received 10 off amazon for 13.99 bearing number 6203 is 17mm x 40mm x 12mm, mine are sealed both sides but I'll just remove seals, nice having extras and can't beat the price.
  2. Stike

    C-195 Update

    I have the same year (judging by hydro levers in fender) c195 and it's a beast, I think you'll really like the size and power, just watch slopes if it still has series 1 kohler, only weak link in it.
  3. Stike

    48 inch mower deck bearings

    Thanks for all the help we'll get him all fixed up and have another horse addict. That's some great info Anglo hope it can help others in similar situations.
  4. Stike

    Can't seem to stop these horses.

    Pics will be coming.
  5. Stike

    Can't seem to stop these horses.

    I like that one, my brother just gave me 2 spray guns and a gallon of DuPont fill and sand primer yesterday so I think I'll be getting more of Terry's excellent decals soon.
  6. So I'm thinking this hobby may be an addiction, I seem to keep finding 's when not even looking I currently have a c195, c175 auto's, 308-8 and c161, now my "buddy" calls and says "I got you a c145 for $75.00 with 42 inch deck runs but needs some tlc bring it over saturday" did the same with c161 last week is he some sort of strange "drug" dealer? Regardless another coming this weekend.
  7. Hi all, I am looking for a good source for the bearings and size for a freind who just got a 520h with 48 inch deck model 78360 serial 5901723, looks like bearing is toro no. 10966. Any help would be great, it's his first horse and in great shape, free from his father in law who bought it new, includes all original paperwork, I'm so jealous . Thanks for any help. I know everyone loves pics so even though it's just a deck this is before cleaning up, even the decals are nice. Can't wait to see the tractor.
  8. Stike

    C161 opinions

    Thanks for all the responses, already planned on buying the tractor post was to help convince the better half I couldn't pass such a deal and that only makes 4 of these amazing little horses. She keeps asking me how many we need and I tell her "too many is never enough."
  9. Stike

    C161 opinions

    Well I'm going tomorrow to see it with my truck and ramps.
  10. Stike

    C161 opinions

    I have a chance to buy a c161 very close to home from a friend of a friend who saw it in his garage and asked him if he wanted to sell it. He said it has been parked in garage for a long time it belonged to his father who was original owner, not running right now but did several years ago. He said his father mainly used it for hauling a small cart around 3 acre yard and had other tractor for mowing. Long story longer he said $200 my friend said offer $150 and he'll take it, are there any known issues to watch for, would it be worth $150 any thoughts.
  11. Stike

    Cheapest wheel horses

    C195 in front with cart were free, c175 in rear was $100.00, both need restored but strong runners.
  12. Was out mowing tall grass and the bearing on the v groove pulley came apart, looks like the bearing is part of the pulley will I need to replace entire pulley? Does anyone know the part numbers for both pulleys and a source for them? Thinking may as well do both, if 1 went the other may not be far behind.
  13. May have a chance to pick up a d250 with pto tilller for a good price but don't know if it's something that will be more trouble than it's worth, in nice shape runs good. I know people say it's not a true wheel horse but if they let them badge it as one was it money or because they considered it worthy?
  14. Stike

    C195 27x9.5- 15 rear lug tires

    Had to renew membership to upload pic, didn't realize it expired.
  15. Stike

    C195 27x9.5- 15 rear lug tires

    Well I decided to go with carlisle Trac chief 27x8.5-15, could've gone with 28x10.5- 15 after seeing them but they work great in deep mud plus they weigh about 3 times what the turf tires did at 38lbs each but putting 6 ply tires on with portable tire changer is not easy.