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  1. Changed Status to Closed Sorry, I forgot I had this posted, the unit was sold many months ago.
  2. I purchased this B100 last spring as a project tractor with the tiller. I got the tractor and tiller up and running and used it to till my gardens last fall. I rebuilt the transmission in both the tractor and tiller this summer. The tiller works great, but is too big for my small gardens. I bought the snowblower this winter and got it up and running as well. It does not do well on my gravel driveway, and have a four wheeler with a blade. The fuel tank is a used tank from another engine as the original tank has a pin hole somewhere on the bottom, I still have the original tank. The only other issue is that one of the interlock safety switches is not working and does not allow the tractor to start. I just jump the starter solenoid from the battery, its too cold to find the bad switch or wire. There is no hour meter on the tractor or engine. I do not have the time or patience to paint the tractor and my interest in the project is running out.
  3. Fred: Would you mind taking some close up pictures of how the snowblower attaches to the front of the of the tractor. I think my front attachment on my tractor might be missing some latches or something to hold the blower on. I have a B-100 so I am thinking the front attachment should be similar. Thanks Brad
  4. brt330

    Mower Decks, 48"SD, 42"RD, 2) 36"RD and one 32"RD

    Do you know, will the 42" rear discharge fit on a 1977 B-100?