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  1. wildbill59

    D200 with 46" belly mower, extra parts

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  3. wildbill59

    Wheel Horse 60" finish mower

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  4. Wheel Horse finish mower - lots of surface rust, but solid as a rock and works excellent. Smooth, quiet and powerful. Pretty sure it was built by Woods, similar to an RM59. Comes with the driveshaft, lift arms, anti-sway chains, attaching hardware, and a set of extra blades. I'm selling a Wheel Horse D200 with a rear PTO in another listing - if you buy the tractor, I'll knock 100 bucks off the price. Hard to find these, all it needs is a good scraping and a paint job, it'll be a pretty sweet mower!
  5. D200 - 20hp Kohler K352, hydro trans, blade lift and rear attachment lift, front and rear PTO, turning brakes. Starts instantly, runs and drives great, hydro trans is very strong, hydro lifts and PTO work excellently. Garage kept, two owners, very good condition for it's age. It's been a working tractor all it's life, so it's a little tired, and could use some tweaks and adjustments, but it's ready to work the way it is - for 40-some years old, it's a pretty awesome tractor. The blade is OEM Wheel Horse with a newer scraper blade, great shape. Comes with a set of OEM WH wheel weights, a set of chains and adjusters, and rear lift arms. The finish mower on the back isn't included, it's sold separately, but I'll knock off 100 bucks if you buy it with this tractor. I have two of these for sale, I bought them as a package from a retired orchard.
  6. D200 - 20hp Kohler K352, hydro trans, turning brakes, hydro deck lift and rear attachment lift (no rear PTO), 46" mower deck with extra blades and a nice belt cover. Starts instantly, runs, drives and cuts great, hydro trans is very strong. Garage kept, two owners, very good condition for it's age. It's been a working tractor all it's life, so it's a little tired, and could use some tweaks and adjustments, but it's ready to work the way it is - for 40-some years old, it's a pretty awesome tractor. The deck has been patched, and as you can see in the picture, it has a split at one of the patches. But over all, it's still really solid, and works excellent. I have two of these for sale, I bought them as a package from a retired orchard.
  7. wildbill59

    Greetings from Spain

    Wow - that's not good... I've never seen that happen before! If you have a mechanic that you can trust, and he can rebuild that starter for you at a reasonable price, you can probably find someone to send you a used armature (I'm sure I have one somewhere). Otherwise, like Formariz suggested, those starters are cheap and plentiful in the states. Check to see what shipping costs would be, I'm sure one of us can help you with the starter or parts that you need. Welcome to Red Square!
  8. wildbill59

    D200 PTO and belts? Manuals?

    Qwest, D-man and Sarge - thanks so much for the advice. I talked to the original owner today, he still had the belt, so that took care of that hassle. He says that I should be able to loosen up that front mounted bracket and just roll the belt over the pulley, and then tighten that adjusting nut to tension it back up. We'll see, but if that doesn't work, I'm armed with great diagrams and ideas. And thanks, Pacer - I got 'em from an older gentleman that used them in his orchard for 30-some years. He sold his orchard, and sold me the rest of his equipment! Those big Ds are awesome pieces of equipment. Thanks to you all!
  9. So I picked up my new-to-me D200s today - what awesome big garden tractors! I've got some general maintenance to do, but after that - the first on my list is to install the belt that runs from the engine to the rear PTO. Problem #1 - from what I can tell, the part # is 103084. When I look it up, I find two different sizes, and from many different sources. Tulsa Engine, Gardner, Ebay, Amazon (I know, the last two aren't great sources of info, but I was surprised to see that they all list two different sizes) - they all say it's 5/8", but they list both 34" and 38". I'm going to put a string around the pulleys to measure, but it seems like 34 is even a bit too long. Any thoughts? Second - these are my first D200s, how do I get that belt on? The PTO clutch has two pulleys, the outboard groove is for the deck - the belt goes from the PTO to the mule drive to the deck. I can figure out how to remove the deck (I mean, I'm a mechanic, I gotta be able to figure that out), and I'll have to remove that belt first, but what about the clutch to rear PTO shaft belt? I don't see an idler, and there's got to take a lot of tension to drive that rear PTO - how do I get that belt on? The tractor that needs the belt is the one in the first pic - it's a 1974, model # 1-0630. Lastly, I found an online owners manual, but it seems pretty generic - it tells me how to change light bulbs and adjust the seat (really?), but not how to remove the deck and replace the belts. I went to the Manuals section, but couldn't find anything - any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. wildbill59

    1966 Wheel Horse 1276 Charger

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  11. 1966 Wheel Horse Charger 1276 - 12hp Kohler, Hydro trans, hydro deck lift. Starts, runs, drives and cuts great! It's a ten-footer - looks nice from a distance, but was rattle can painted by the original owner a few years back. One corner of the grill was crunched, it's been straightened back out, and the hood is just a little wavy. Otherwise, the tins are in pretty good shape. The engine starts right up and runs great, brand new battery, spark plug, oil change, air filter. The hydro trans is very strong and works great, as does the hydro lift. It seems like the deck is from a later unit, but it doesn't look out of place, and operates well. Also comes with a big packet of paperwork from the original owner - manuals and parts lists for the tractor, hydro lift system and engine, hang tags, warranty cards, etc. Nice stuff for the collector. Turn key - ready to mow the lawn, or add chains and a blade - would make a great plow tractor with the hydro lift, or would make for an easy restoration project.
  12. Next on my list - change the rear end fluid in my C-161. The service manual says SAE 140 (although my Intertec manual says 90w), which turns out to be just about impossible to find. The tractor has a FEL, so it won't be going very fast, nor it be running long stretches, like lawn mowing. Would it be safe to use something more common, like 85w140, or some synthetic 75w90 that I have laying around? Thanks in advance!
  13. wildbill59

    My new 854!

    Thanks for all of the comments, guys! I agree - the tractor seems pretty pampered, what happened to the hood? If equipment could talk... Along with my 60s to 2000s tractor collection, I also have a couple dozen lawn mowers from the 40s to the 60s. It's cool to wonder - what was this mower's life like - take my 1951 Snappin' Turtle, for example - from being shiny and new on a dealership's showroom floor in the early 50s, to being found in a creek 60 years later?! Oh well. If anyone knows where I can find an 854 hood, please let me know. In the meantime, I'll keep using it as a mobile picnic table/work bench/mother-in-law hauler!
  14. wildbill59

    My new 854!

    Nope, no muffler, just some 1" iron water pipe with a few elbows. And it does sound excellent - deep and throaty, without being blaring and annoying. Thanks for noticing! The possibilities are endless! I like the idea of winning friends and influencing people with superior firepower...;)
  15. wildbill59

    My new 854!

    This is another new-to-me Wheel Horse, a sweet little 854. Runs, drives, and cuts well, but needs a hood! The PO was a much older fellow who painstakingly built the hood for this little guy (or gal - I noticed that lots of Wheel Horses are girls!), and he really did a heck of a job. Lots of people love it, and have told me to leave it as is, but I'd really like to have a stock hood on it. I'd always keep the homebuilt hood - some nice love and craftsmanship went into it - but... I've been told that the 854 hoods are hard to find, are there other models that I could use?