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  1. cdr_warsstar

    1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    Here's the wiring off the solenoid. One of the wires has broken off the connector. And here's what the switch for the clutch pedal looks like, though I'm not sure if it's still wired up, I didn't feel any wires coming off of it from the back. And it's a bit hard to look at it at the moment, as it's surrounded by other mowers.
  2. cdr_warsstar

    1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    Hey, sorry, I've been busy the last few days. It is still for sale. It does have a safety switch on the pedal. I'll try and get a picture it and the solenoid wiring tomorrow.
  3. cdr_warsstar

    1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    Changed Price to 100
  4. cdr_warsstar

    1963 953 with Deck

    I have a 1963 953 with deck. The engine is free and turns over when a battery is hooked up, but it and the wiring need to be completely gone through. Deck is pretty solid, does need some work. $150 OBO, I might be able to deliver it for a fee depending on distance. Call, text, email, or PM.
  5. cdr_warsstar

    1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    I have a 1973 No Name 12HP Auto with deck. The engine is free, but it and the wiring need to be completely gone through. Rear seat and metal is messed up. $125 OBO, I might be able to deliver it for a fee depending on distance. Call, text, email, or PM.
  6. cdr_warsstar

    Pickup Bed Winch

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Life has been a bit nuts. It works great. The only thing I'm going to change is I'm going to wire it into the truck battery, the small one dies too quickly.
  7. cdr_warsstar

    Field Find C-120

    Guy on my local Craigslist is selling a "Wheel Horse C-120 Lawn Tractor -Field Find" for best offer. I'm going to offer $50. Probably won't get it, but given the state of our yard, it'll probably be a good thing. But at least I'll have tried. Ad text copied below if you don't want to click through: Old School Wheel Horse C-120 Lawn Tractor - Field Find Rusty old thing. Looks mostly complete. Price is BEST OFFER. This mower will be sold in one week. If you want to email an offer that's great, I will consider it. If you want to look at it, you should really come prepared with your best offer in hand or you may walk away disappointed. EMAIL only. I will respond to emails almost immediately. Send your phone # in the email. CASH ONLY. No tire kickers. Serious inquiries only. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.
  8. cdr_warsstar

    Considering Buying a 270 Hydro With Thrown Rod

    $150 The front already looked like that.
  9. cdr_warsstar

    Considering Buying a 270 Hydro With Thrown Rod

    It looks pretty much identical to the 419XT I got to flip and I love that thing. (Except that there's some electrical fault that's causing the PTO to not engage reliably) So I'd get this fixed to be the mower, then the 312 can be the trailer hauler and snowblower machine, and the Raider 10 can be the snow/dozer blade machine. Who knows what the 953 and 1973 no-name will end up being.
  10. On my local Craigslist, there's a 270 Hydro with a bad engine. Everything else apparently works, and it looks in good shape. Includes the deck, not sure what size. The guy is asking $200. I'd try and talk him down to $150. Do you guys think it's worth grabbing?
  11. cdr_warsstar

    Pickup Bed Winch

    Now that I have a pickup again, I started looking into ways to easily load tractor finds into the bed instead of having to drag a trailer around.I stumbled across this (http://www.toyloader.com/) and thought that looked like a good idea. But not worth $600. So I made my own. (Well, my dad ended up doing the welding and metal work. He enjoys it.) The steel ended up being free since my dad got drops from work, but if I had to by it, it probably would have been around $25 from a metal store that sells drops by the pound.The winch was $50, the battery was free from a junk mower, the box was $4, $10 for the connectors, $10 for the pins, $5 for the winch plate. So I spent around $80, but buying everything would put the cost around $140 or so. Haven't had a chance to test it yet.
  12. cdr_warsstar

    953 Aquired

  13. cdr_warsstar

    953 Aquired

    Finally started doing some work on it. I pulled the steering shaft so I could extract the broken bolts. I got lucky and they came out easy. I'll get some new bolts tomorrow, grease it up, and put it back in. And that's probably about all I'll have time for right now. I needed to get the steering fixed so I can get it out of the driveway and work on the other mowers that I need to get fixed and sold. One question, is the electrical system a negative ground 12 volt system? I know I probably won't be able to get into trying to start it for awhile but I'd like to know for when I do.
  14. cdr_warsstar

    Junkyard/ hedgerow haul

    Daaaannnngggg....... You got some amazing deals there.
  15. cdr_warsstar

    953 Aquired

    Posted about seeing this last summer, finally got it. For free in fact. Definitely needs some work. Steering isn't working, wires are broken, tires are probably shot, hydraulics leak, and it's rusty. It came with a custom blade and a mower deck (not pictured). Still deciding whether I'm going to try and fix it or the 1973 12 Auto. Or both of them.