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    C-160 Automatic 1977
    C-120 8-speed 1975
    Deck 42" RD
    Deck 36" RD
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    Toro Snowblower
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    New member from Sweden

    Wow! A friend from my home country! Great!

    ACR-spring K301S ?

    Well, problem solved. Found a cam with a spring at in my neighbours garage! Also installed a new exhaust valve, new fuel pump, new points and condenser. New gaskets, new oil, etc... So, now the engine runs like a charm! Just listen...without muffler though, so be ready to turn down your sound. C-120 testrun.mp4

    ACR-spring K301S ?

    Hi! Bought another Wheel Horse some time ago, and finally got around to take the engine apart, to check that everything is in order. Previous owner said it had flames coming out of the muffler... Found two things, first of all exhaust valve has to be exchanged. But the second was more fun....the spring holding the fly weights for the automatic compression reduction was missing, and someone had put a cable tie (plastic strap) in the engine to keep the tab from lifting the exhaust valve! A cable tie!? And also, they had drilled a hole in the top, and put a manual compression release there. Now, I don't know if one could find that spring somewhere. Looks like you have to buy a complete camshaft to get it? Anyone know if I could find the spring for the K301S? I attach a photo of the "new" C-120 8-speed, proving that there are some work to be done... I have removed the fueltank special holder, and bought a fuel pump instead.... Also have removed the DC-generator driven by the PTO, and ordered new Voltage Regulator from eBay, hoping the stator works. To be continued....
  4. Well, I didn't even manage to get the project started before first snowfall, but it will come around. Took a turn with the C-160 and dozer blade to get rid of the first snow. Great fun! My plan is to have the C-120 8-speed with dozer blade, and the C-160 automatic with snow blower attached in the future...
  5. Great pictures, Walt! They did the trick, so my brain now got it. Looks like a very good solution. Thank you very much. I will get back to you all, with pictures, when we get to work!
  6. Curious about how you solved the challenge to reverse the auger rotation on yours, Walt. CTBT&D's solution was to mount a extra sprocket, and longer chain. Did you do the same?

    New (now active) member from Sweden!

    Thank you for your welcomes! Of course we will document our progress with different projects with the Wheel Horses, and post them. Take care, and have fun!
  8. Wow, didn't think of that, the need to reverse the direction. Great input! And yes, the frame for the snow plow should be ok to use. Think I will dismount the current frame (blower) at the front end, (4 bolts) and attach it to the snow plow frame via some cool adapter. In that way I can use the frame for the blower, or the blade if I choose to. I will be sending pictures of the project, but it can take a couple of weeks to find the time for the project, so don't sit up and wait for it. Thanks again!
  9. Hi everyone! Happy to be a part of the world wide Wheel Horse family. Bought my first Wheel Horse 2016, and my second one too. Both from the 70's. I am very impressed with the smart functions, and how easy they are to use, and work with. Myself and my neighbour now own 5 Wheel Horses, and have a lot of fun, as WH nerds. This coming winter it's time to take apart one tractor each, to get them in great condition. Have fun!
  10. Thank you for your input Ed Kennell! Your suggestion has been an alternative in my mind, with some questions, though. How to best attach the blower to the Tach-A-Matic system, or to use one of the frames for the dozer blade. If making a new attachement, I loose the lift function built in to the current frame. Using the dozer frame would mean that I can lift the blower, if not to heavy. Will need some thought, and experienced input from you guys! Big thanks for supporting!
  11. Some pictures....sorry about the poor light, but it's evening here, and no lamps in that place... Hope you can see what you want on these.
  12. Hi from Sweden! Love my Wheel Horse C-160 Automatic from 1977, and recently bought an old C-120 8-speed too. Will be the project for this winter. I have a snow blade ready for winter season, but also have a new project... To the point of my new topic; I bought a Toro snowblower model 59136, because it was in very good condition, and I thought it would be quite easy to convert to fit my C-160. Before I get to it though, I thougt I should be smart and ask if someone else already have done such a project, to fit a Toro Snowblower to a Tach-A-Matic system on a Wheel Horse? The Toro Snowblower has horizontal pulleys for the belt, like a mower deck, due to that they have the engine on the tractor mounted with vertical axle downwards. So, my idea is to make a new fitting for the middle Tach-A-Matic and the one mounted on the rear axle (for snow blade attachement), and then use the front mule normally used for mowing decks, to be able to drive the snowblower. There is a function to lift the snowblower built in to the frame of the snowblower, so I don´t have to use the lift on tractor. Comments, ideas, anyone?